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Crashed 2001 Chevy Silverado Z71

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Hello ! 

I am new to the forums and am starting to build my 2001 Chevy Silverado Z71 as a fun daily driver. I purchased the vehicle after the original owner crashed it. (rear ended someone)

Now I am looking to fix it up as my new daily driver. My goals for this build is to learn more about the 4L60e transmission and what is needed to rebuild it properly, as I plan on adding more power to the 5.3LS 

Truck currently sits at 180k so a tune up is in order first before anything brakes, fluids, belts ect. . I am posting my truck up into the forms for your guy's experience with these trucks.

 I have already painted\replaced front bumper, grill, headlights, fenders,  and found a HD hood I found at a local pull and pay. 

I would like to lower the truck next, although I do not think C-notching is a great idea?? <<<Correct ME If I'm Wrong.


Does anyone know what the lowest drop you can go with WITH OUT having to C-notch the frame is? I am not against C-notching I just never have  don't think it would be a good idea to cut a frame on any car? I could be wrong, Thoughts?


What's a great place to start rebuilding my 4L60 transmission? My goal is to eventually hit 400 WHP with the truck. But from what I have read I wont make it there with the stock 4l60. (4L80 is definitely the way to go, BUT with this truck being 4WD I would rather keep it simple and just rebuild the 4L60 that is in it. I fell 400 is more on the conservative side and can be accomplished with the 4L60e. 


Anyways if you have made it this far thanks for checking out the thread! 






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You can only go 4 inches in the rear without a c-notch. That would be with a rear shackle drop, front hanger drop and I think the 4X4's have a factory lift block so you'd technically get a little more drop.


Your other option is a flip kit for that same drop but I'd probably want the leafs on top of the axle still.


The front you can do lowering spindles and slightly crank down the torsion bars for an easy 2 or 3in drop.

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Seen a kit that Summit, Lowering Kit, 3 in. Front, 4 in. Rear,



Didn't pull the trigger though,  wanted to see what others though, I am still running the stock wheels which are 16" I don't think this should be an issue? Although I am not sure???

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