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21 TrailBoss overly sensitive steering

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I bought my 21 Silverado a little over a month ago.  Test drive was fine but I did notice is was sensitive but I was coming from a F150.   Now a couple weeks in, the steering is super sensitive.  Any little movement in the steering wheel and it really wants to turn that direction in a scary way sometimes.    I feels really darty.   I am always correcting the steering to keep it straight.   Not good when I want to haul a horse trailer.


I thought I would give it a few miles to see if it got better, but 1000 miles later it mas not improved.    I adjusted the psi in the tires to see if that would help but it didn't.   I have the stck Goodyear Duratrac tires.   Could a new truck be out of alignment?


Anyone experience this on your truck?   If so what was the cause?

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These trucks also come with a "speed sensitive assist" or something like that. It's possible that could be engaging at speeds when it is not supposed to. For what it's worth, I believe the Chevy's have always drove a little different than Fords but I'm assuming that your truck is acting a little more sports car like than truck like. 

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Maybe this? 


Lane Keep Assist (LKA) Light
After the vehicle is started, this light turns
off and stays off if LKA has not been turned
on or is unavailable.
If equipped, this light is white if LKA is
turned on, but not ready to assist. This light
is green if LKA is turned on and is ready to
LKA may assist by gently turning the
steering wheel if the vehicle approaches a
detected lane marking. The LKA light is
amber when assisting.
This light flashes amber as a Lane Departure
Warning (LDW) alert, to indicate that the
lane marking has been crossed.
LKA will not assist or alert if the turn signal
is active in the direction of lane departure,
or if LKA detects that you are accelerating,
braking, or actively steering.
See Lane Keep Assist (LKA) 0 281.

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I don't have lane keep assist on my truck.


The steering has a more tight feel to it compared to the F150 which is kind of like a sports car feeling.


And my plan is when I take it in for the first oil change, I will have them check the alignment and see what they say.

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Does anyone have an update on this? I sold my 2017 f150, which rode like a dream. Bought a 2020 RST, but the constant adjusting of the steering wheel, and the constant pull from left to right made me trade it in. Got a good deal on a 21 Trailboss, and now that I’m at 5k miles, I’m experiencing the same issue.


the dealership told me that the truck was wider, and it’s from grooves in the road, but I take the same route to work every day and with similar weather conditions, some days it’s planted other days it’s like driving a sail boat.


ive had alignments checked. There’s no lane keep system on the truck, and it seems to get better when I’m in off road mode? But then I lose all of my low end power. It’s really making me wish I would have stuck with Ford, but I also can’t be the only one who’s experiencing the problem.

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