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New to HPTuners. Looking to Tune 5.3L

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Hi Guys.  John here with a 2014 gmc sierra 5.3L.  I just got my hptuners gear in the mail.  I loaded everything up and I didnt realize the complexity would be so intense.  I want to tune for elimination of emissions and hp gains, improved throttle response, and anything else restricting the hp of this motor.  I am very fluent with a laptop as I program PLCs invthe industry so taking this on is right up my ally.  Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Well, you picked the most complex computers to learn on that's for sure. The E92's are a totally different ball game compared to the easy LS1 style computers from the late 90's and early 2000's.


Downloading the stock calibration from the truck would be the first step as well as licensing it so you can edit the tune. Make sure the Editor is in Advanced view under the edit tab so you can see all the available tables.


Some things are simple like AFM disable, cat over temp disable, o2 sensor codes and that sort of thing. Fair warning, even though things get turned off or removed there may still always be "background" codes that will still display if codes are pulled because they are "permanent codes" that are stored. Usually it's best to disable the codes prior to making the new "changes".


The HP Tuner forum is pretty helpful for questions as well.


I wouldn't expect a drastic increase in power with a stock engine but we can surely change how quickly the engine responds to throttle changes, fuel/timing and transmission corrections. The 6 speeds work great with transmission tuning. No more 6th gear by 35mph, improved torque converter settings for better feel and to prolong the life of the converter are all changes that should be done.

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Go to YouTube and subscribe to Goat Rope Garage.  He has a tutorial series (and it is pretty in-depth) that you can start learning from.  There is a LOT to it and he covers a ton of stuff.

If you want to really start tuning beyond disabling AFM and the easy stuff, you need to get a wideband.  I recommend the AEM 30-0334.  It connects via OBD, so you don't have to use the Pro Link to pole data from it, HP Tuners fully supports it, and has a fast response rate.  

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you'll also want to get transmission software for re calibrating the shifts, i forget the name, its free online when you find it. keeps posting your findings. i think its bluecat


egr function is built into the v-tec software, look forward to seeing some new edits for this...



dont get sucked into making huge power, just work on improving the oem software and making your tune rock solid reliable without weird glitches, and can handle various climate conditions.

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