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GM Tonneau Covers

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I’ve looked through previous posts and see that the factory hard fold tonneau covers don’t have the best reputation. It also seems like perhaps the quality has changed recently versus the older revisions of the cover from previous posts. Anyone one the factory hard fold and have good luck with it? Minimal leaking and reliability? Or, are they all pretty much garbage? Dealer is offering a pretty good deal on one when I pick up my truck but curious if I should just get an MX4 for not too much more. Thanks!

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I have the REV on my truck, purchase with the truck and they said its covered under 3 yr/36 month warranty. Dealer installed Jan of this year.  I had to take it back and make them line it up better as there was a gap at the t-gate but since then,  No problems.  Would buy it again.  I have gone through the touchless car wash about a dozen time and the amount of water that gets in small.  NONE are water tight., especially the t-gate area. 

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Here is a few truths.  No Tonneau is water tight.  Some are better than others.  Positive with ordering through the dealership is maybe you get some sort of warranty with it,  but with that said I have had half a dozen different tonneaus over the years and nothing that ever broke on them would have been considered a warranty claim.  Plus the GM covers are pricey.  Wait and go aftermarket for this


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I'm on my 3rd Rev cover in 6 months.  First one was a hard rolling one that was leaking and never fit quite right.  Second was a hard folding which leaked worse, and was leaking in the center of the bed making it virtually impossible to protect any load.  Third was another hard folding (still Rev) and is better so farbut still get water in the bed along both sides (which I could handle) and about a foot in from each side (not as easy to handle).  These are the first covers I've had issues with water intrusion in 10+ years but I thought Rev made the BakFlip covers?  or BAK made the Rev covers?

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