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2019 GMC Random nonstart 6.6 Duramax



This issue is 5 months on going, random nonstart, will just click like dead batteries.  Batteries were replaced in January, dealer Tech first thougt that the air ride system was causing the problem since it is one of the 2 non stock items on my truck, so we disconnected it from battery and it would start, so I did that everytime I shut the truck off and unpluged my Edge CTS this worked for about 3 days before it would not start again ?  At times different things will not trun on when I start the truck my radio presets will disappear, the truck will say that one or more of my turn signal bulbs are out (I'll check and they are both working but they will flash fast) the parking sensors may turn themselfs off, or the light sensor on the dash my turn on red like the older trucks did with the security feature, or like it did today the radio will not play?  In the past when I had to use the jump box to start it my presets would be gone but I could manually set the radio and it would play, today not a sound one from radio feature, the seat belt chime works the turn signals click, I can use my blue tooth phone and play music from my phone, and use apps off my phone both wired and not?  SOMEBODY HAS GOT TO KNOW SOMETHIN????


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On a '19, I can only imagine what GM has done here. Sounds alot like intermittent communication between the affected system's modules. I'm just starting to learn all the terrible things GM did to the 900 series trucks, and you can bet they didn't fix any of it in later years - they just double down like they usually do. I'm betting some comm lines chaffed and are either shorting to each other, power, or ground.


In the past the diesel trucks had tons of problems with wiring at the underhood fuse box - I towed my brothers '02 back here 350 miles out in NY for that exact issue. Had I known I could've just wiggled the harness and drove it home, I'd have left my trailer at home and saved about $60 on NY tolls ...

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