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Looking for the ABS harness connector/pigtail to repair my setup

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So found that my ABS sensor harness connection is frayed/ cut and its on the main harness side, So its not just replacing the sensor, that portion is complete and ok, its the side that runs up to the module.


I was looking on mouser.com(https://www.mouser.com/Connectors/Automotive-Connectors/_/N-1ehb5Z1yzvvqx?P=1yzot3b&Keyword=GM+2+pin+male&FS=True) and found some that look like it, but not 100% sure. I do have the tools to release the wire pins from within the connector, i may be able to disconnect, find the appropriate terminal ends to get and reinstall in factory connector, but then that would make the length a little shorter, so may be my only option, but looking for other options before i go that route.


Is the harness from there up to the module to purchase? Or is it part of the main truck wiring harness?


If its replaceable, what's the part number? If its not and my only option is to repair what i have, does anyone know if there is a pigtail that can be purchased to just splice into place?




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This is the pigtail end im looking for.. 

Does anyone know what type or name this is in order to look for it?


I found some online that look like it, but it was more expensive than the sensor itself, so havent pulled the trigger on buying it yet.. 




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Received the part this weekend, so need to find time to work on it this week or next weekend, but before i start cutting wires and installing the new fitting... Had 2 questions:


#1 - Is there a special crimper to the terminals that come with the fitting? if so what's it called?



#2 - Since I'm going to be cutting back the original wiring(disconnecting the battery first) does it hurt to add a little solder once crimped to insure a secure connection?



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Order a crimper after posting the above picture and question. Received it first thing saturday morning. By that afternoon, i took the dive and cut off the old connector, im lucky that the connector i bought came with 1 extra pin and rubber grommet, because i messed up on that one, after a little more review of the crimper and finding a picture and short video on crimping that type of connector, i took a change and it worked out, did both, inserted into the new connector, reconnected to the sensor, then later that evening going out to dinner, there was no more ABS lights and i got back my parking assistance.

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Even though i already fixed and resolved my issue with the part i order, i was determined to find it elsewhere and here it is.. 

I just ordered 6 housing/connectors and 12 terminals and total was only $21 shipped 2 day which is a better deal than just one from the other, but again, just posting for anyone that is looking for this connector.








Shipping is $7.99 so if you only need one, still little cheaper than the one below.




(this one is $7.99 for the kit, plus min around $5 for shipping, at least for my address)

So for one kit and shipping you are paying around $13 +/- 


Figured i would post this update for anyone needing these connectors, 



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