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2021 Infotainment 3 w/8" display....wont retain equalizer setting.

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So, Ive had my new Silverado for about a month now.  Love my turck, kinda hating the stereo a little bit.  Before anyone askes, no, its not in Demo mode still.  I already tried all that.  For some reason, the radio will retain all my radio preset stations in FM, and Serius XM, but quite often I will start the truck up and the settings that I entered for the equalizer get reset to 0.  Now, I wouldnt complain so much about this if it werent fo the fact that I like listening to music when Im driving, and for what the dealerships are selling these new trucks for;...everything should work propertly

Anyone else having this kind of issue with the infotainment 3 radio head unit?

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similar problems with mine, would not hold volume  preset, would not retain equalizer settings, and would not hold startup volume.  after being persistent they finally 'flashed' a chip or something and it all works great now.  something about one of the chips.  stay with them, there is a problem they should fix....that's bottom line.

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I too am having the same problem.  Will retain stations etc but will not do so on volume, EQ, Fade etc.  Scheduled service and spoke with the rep.  He stated that he was aware of this issue but GM does not have a fix yet.  Prior post said to flash chip so I think I will ask them to do it anyway to see if it fixes it.  GM could be six months.  I have had this for 5 months now and it is very frustrating.


Also, My fog lights I have to turn on every time instead of just being on unless I shut them off.  I would like for them to be on when driving always except in high beam.

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