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Normal amount of clutch material in ATF?

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I have had driveability issues (hesitation,, gear hunting,, RPM flares, reduced power at low speeds) since approximately 20k miles on my 2018 Sierra 1500, 5.3 with 6l80.  33k miles now.  


It finally got bad enough that I had to take it in to dealer. Before taking in I checked ATF levels and noticed a decent amount of what I believe is clutch material. The dealer was not able to duplicate my concerns but did drop the pan and fill with fresh ATF and claimed the amount of clutch material is normal.


My driveability issues remain so I checked the fluid again today. While the ATF is noticeably fresher, there is an even greater amount of black deposit in the fluid.  Can anybody confirm this is "normal" or is it likely related to my driveability issues?


Before dealer work (pink fluid) and after (red fluid) attached. 



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