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Looking for open fuse in engine fuse block

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Hi all. Long story short, I wired up my CB and dashcam to an open fuse in the drivers-side fuse block, and fried the whole thing. (Really!) Cost me a good bit to get it replaced.


The dealer said I was drawing too much to tap in to there, and I should go to the engine fuse block instead. I've tested all the open ones on my truck (an LT) and didn't find anything with power with the key on.


Does anyone know if any of the full ones are safe to pull? Or how are other doing it? Thanks in advance!


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A CB and dashcam shouldn't pull more than 10 amps, i've used fuses on both passenger and drivers side fuse panels for plenty of accessories with no problems.


Do you want it only when the truck is on? or always powered no matter what?

For my dashcam I require both, one for driving recording and one for parking recording. So the dashcam knows when the vehicle is on vs. off.

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Hi @AaaaaaaayushI've always wired my CBs to the interior accessory panel too, however, behind the passenger fuse block there's a circuit board - somehow it got fried and I had to replace the whole thing. I have the old one that they replaced I can take pictures if you're interested. I've been doing radios & CBs for 20 years, never had an issue, but I'm not going to risk it again :)


I bought a relay that I'm going to wire in to the passenger fuse block to activate it, and then go right to the battery for the juice. We'll see how it goes!

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