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No power to (R) trailer brake/blinker fuse

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2019 Silverado 5.4 lt

So trailer lights work tested them on another truck. Used tester on fuse and no power is going to the (R) trailer blinker/brake. Couldn’t get an appointment til Monday at dealer and even then they said they might not be able to diagnose the issue in 2hrs being that I need a vehicle for transportation for work and them not having an available loaner. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I even checked the wires going into the trailer harness and nothing is loose or missing(not sure if that would have anything to do with it). 

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UPDATE: Brought the truck to them last Tuesday and was there til Friday when they called me saying the bcm would be in sometime next week(this week). So I asked for my truck back due to having to pay for a rental because they have no loaners. Got my truck back Saturday and brought it today. Guy comes to the waiting room and asks for my 2nd key. I said you’re kidding me right? Why wouldn’t someone have told me to bring it so this could be done correctly. Someone must have forgotten was the answer. So long story short the bcm was the problem blinker and brake light on the trailer are now functional and I have to go back Wednesday to bring my other key to be programmed. I can’t wait to not have to deal with this dealership ever again. Worst experience. 

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