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Adding Bed view camera and rear camera mirror To my 2020 Sierra.

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I have a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Premium Plus and I would like to add the third brake light cameras and mirror with the screen in it. Does anyone have any info on to get these parts and how to install them? And is there any software that needs to added to get this to work?

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Wow.  This can be harder and more expensive than you think.  It depends on what you already have in your truck. Luck for you there are several aftermarket options available. The mirrors with 360 view or cameras built in are around 350 to 400 each for factory. The bed view I’ve never priced. The harnesses in each door will need replaced the interlink system will either need replaced or reprogrammed depending on which one you have as well as the BCM. Body control  module will need re programmed to tell it you have all these new items. One thing I know for a fact the task is not plug and play. 

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I can't speak on the bed view camera, but I did install the 3rd break cam and rearview mirror.  I purchased the 3rd brake light with camera, video cable, and mirror from infotainment.com.  It is def not a cheap add-on and is a bit of a pain, but it was 100% plug-and-play and uses OEM parts.  I tried to price out the mirror but the OEM mirror itself was around 800, so for me, infotainment was a solid option to get everything I needed in one shot. 


To run the vid cable and install the new rear light, you have to drop your headliner down, its a pain, but if you got a couple of hours on a cold day, it's not the hardest thing to do, not the easiest either.


Overall it's a nice add-on, functional; it does its job well; not sure I can justify the price, though.  As USMC said, there are some excellent aftermarket options, but if you are required to install a new 3rd brake light, you still get stuck dropping the headliner.  


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$1200 for adding a factory mirror and 3rd brake light cam???? That's NUTS!!! My plan is to purchase a factory 3rd brake light with the camera hole. I don't want the factory camera as it doesn't have an RCA output. I already have a Boyo replacement mirror with built in 4.3" display and 2 RCA video inputs that I picked up on ebay for $25. I plan on using one for a front camera and the other for the 3rd brake light camera which I should be able to turn on via the mirror and having a positive trigger for the camera. I have a couple different cameras laying around I purchased for other vehicles and didn't get to install or if those don't work, there's all kinds of cheap cameras on ebay, I just need to find a style that fits the factory 3rd brake light.

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