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Cruise control not working 2008 Denali 1500



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A good scan tool will make diagnosis 100x easier - you can go in and see if the PCM is receiving all inputs.


Could literally be anything from just a blown fuse, bad brake switch, brake switch wiring, bad steering wheel control switches, wiring at wheel, in column, or under hood, bad clock spring contact, and the list goes on.

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8 hours ago, It's Tim said:

Considering how many Chicom parts are defective right out of the box it's more cost effective to troubleshoot the problem.


Right. I don’t have a scantool. Fixed mine by watching Youtube videos and a $18 AC Delco brake light switch. Part was made in Mexico. (Truck was also made in Mexico.)

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Like Maverick said...It's likely the brake light switch. Pretty cheap when I did mine $15 - 20 bucks maybe? I found several YouTube videos that walked me through it. Took longer to get tools out then to actually do the repair.


Basically the switch doesn't fully disengage. The brakes don't grab/drag or anything like that but it does make the truck think you are still pushing the brake. It's just an electronic signal.


As I'm sure you know if you push the brake your cruise control will automatically turn off. This is the device that sends that signal (among other tasks). Since your brakes are constantly signaling they are being pushed your cruise control won't even turn on.


Side note in case others stumble into this post. I didn't care that my cruise stopped working. It was annoying but I ignored it. I found my problem after frustrations with my trailer brake controller not functioning properly. Mine constantly signaled the trailer brakes that I was pushing my brakes thus the trailer wheels kept locking up. It was the same issue. The trailer brake controller is also wired through the brake light switch. Changing the brake light switch corrected both issues.

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