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17,000 Mile 2021 Yukon AT4 - Observations, Suggested Improvements and an Expedition Comparison

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Rolled over 17,000 miles this past road trip.


AT4 continues to roll on with only a few minor (corrected) issues.  From previous posts there were the too short pigtail wire and a couple of issues fixed with software updates.  Beyond that, nothing....not even a rattle.  Am always hesitant to buy first year new design but it has been rock steady.


Gas mileage is finally back to where my 2017 Denali XL with the 6.2 was.  Last highway trip (cruising in the 75 to 85 range) was over 18 mpg.


The 5.3 with the new transmission is responsive and more that up to the task.  Was worried stepping down from the 6.2.


As advertised, the third row seat is now usable for everyone and not just 5 year olds like the old way before the IRS.


If anyone from GM is reading, a couple of real world suggestions for improvement.


1) The hanger hook in the rear seat is way too far forward.  If you hang anything you cut off your over the shoulder blind spot vision.  Add to that the tiny hard to see blind spot indicator in the mirror and you are flying blind.  The blind spot indicator light gets totally lost in the Texas sun and even at night, its tiny.  Its a huge mirror...make it bigger and bolder and forget the symbols.  The blind spot indicators on my Cayman are inside the car on A pillars.  Two bold red strips on both sides that can be seen easily when looking down the road.


2) Continued complaint is the placement of the power window controls on the drivers door.   Too far forward.


3) Why hide the Auto Shut Off override button down and below the steering wheel?


4) The retractable running boards retract too fast.  If you open and close the front door they retract before you can even open the rear door. 


5) Not a fan at all of the 1950's Chrysler push button transmission.  Am finally used to it but come on.  Appears to be a change for the sake of change.


Had a neighbor back into the rear drivers door and also the dog leg so AT4 is being repaired.  Insurance rental is a Expedition Limited MAX so have been driving it for a few days.  The V-6 turbo is not up to the task, feels sluggish until you get some serious momentum going.  Turbo kicks in above 4000RPM so def not in the everyday power curve. Controls etc just seem old design compared to the AT4.  Ride is great but steering is very heavy and boat like.  Having driven Suburbans, Yukon XLs and now this Yukon for the past 25 years, I can say I am not impressed with the Ford.

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We're taking delivery of a 21 SLT this evening. It's nice to hear positive feedback once in a while around here!


Sorry yours got backed into! My wife's current Tahoe that were trading was rear ended 3 months after we got it too :(




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