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2013 GMC Sierra power seat and windows

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Hello, my airbag service light came on last week and I thought it was due to the recall that is on this model. I had the recall fixed and the light is still on. Plus my power seat and passenger windows won't work. I checked all of the fuses and modules with no luck. Has anyone else had this issue and if so what was wrong. Thank you!

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    • By Mike Nielson
      Looking for some help with this 2016 silverado,  the passenger door says it's open and the power window won't work. We looked at the connections at the hinge point of the passenger door and all connections in the door,  I haven't found any bad fuses, and I'm not really sure where to go from here. Any help would be great.
    • By htxadrian_
      Guys I need your help.
      So my seats are power seats,and the driver's seat doesn't slide foward or back.i had found out what the problem is.
      There are these springs that connect to the motor and rod.that spring rotates the rod.and mine are messed up.
      And I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with the part name or something similar to it.im sorry if this isn't making sense,or y'all don't know what I'm talking about.but if theres a way y'all can help me out that would be great.
    • By Jim Gosselin
      My rear drivers side window would not come down.  This just started the other day.  It would not work with the front or rear switch.  no humming from the motor. Fuse is OK for the left side windows.   I swapped out the switch from the passenger side and still didnt work.  However the driver's switch worked fine on the other side.  I then removed the regulator assembly by having to cut the cable since the window was up.  I removed the motor and bench tested it and it ran with 12V put to it.  This leaves just the main front door switch assembly.  My question is would a bad front switch cause the back switch not to work??  Also when I press the switch ,  I get a brief buzzing sound from the switch.  Also with the motor connected, it still isnt turning so it wasn't a jammed cable on the regulator.  I am getting to the end of what I can troubleshoot, and I hope it doesn't turn out to be a bad wire in the door harness.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  
    • By Shotzy
      Hope someone can help!
      I have 2008 GMC Sierra SLT duramax. The issue I’m having is: the driver’s side Seat is not working. I have tried troubleshooting the issue and I have found that when the seat is bolted down it doesn’t work but whenever I take the bolts loose and have the sitting on the carpet not touching any metal the seat works just fine.  I have looked for maybe a wire touching metal but I haven’t found anything.   I thought it might be the module but I’ve decided that’s probably not the problem because the passenger side seat does work. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to check next?
    • By Lowpost99
      My driver's seat bolster stopped moving.  I can hear the motor whining, and the the 4-way dial still operates the vertical lumbar support fine.  It's the horizontal supports that move in/out from the sides of your torso that I'm talking about.  Any suggestions on a fix? I've read gently that this could be some type of stripped plastic gearing assembly, or similar plastic guides like a window regulator.  Has anyone replaced the offending components with success?  Please help.  Thanks!
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