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Add after build "Cloth rear seat with storage package"

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Has anyone added the rear seats with storage package after the fact?  I am building my truck and the only way to get the option with an LT is with a package I do not want (or pay for).  Has anyone replaced the rear seats with factory parts on a truck that didn't have it?




  • Seats 3
  • Includes child seat top tether anchors
  • Can fold one or both sides up
  • Seatback storage on left and right side
  • Center fold out armrest with 2 cupholders
  • Underseat storage





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Let's bump this back up. One of my long term goals for the truck is converting the W/T rear cab that "gm" cheaped out on for my LT. The junkyard route is easier said than done. Modern vehicles are quickly stripped and parts marked up. Cloth rear storage (really just care about armrest) are hard to find as most resale seats are either plain ones I already have or leather (not interested).


If you've followed my trivial pursuits on here before, you know I'm no stranger to spending money on factory GM upgrades (ZR2 suspension, L5P intake system...etc). So, back to navigating GMs horrid parts diagrams and ordering process. Hopefully, this thread will be blessed by Lord newdude the parts guru.


Headrests should be the same. Seatback frame, storage bins and doors, foam pad, and seat cover should make up the meat and potatoes. I'll try to dive in and get specific P/Ns. Resale seats are often $500+ so if I come in around that mark so be it. Another crazy project? Let's do it.

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FWIW, I'm looking to assemble a cloth jet black (H0U) crew cab rear seatback. Probably the most common one for everyone with an LT, Custom, or W/T (or SLE & Pro) If this thread goes anywhere and you have a double cab or different color, beware the differences on some stuff.


Here's a few notes so far. RPO codes:

R70 Folding rear split seat with storage

SNR w/ deluxe storage


Not sure the difference. 


PNs so far:


Frame: 84516959

Pad: 84554073

Cover: ?

Driver back panel: 84809176

Pass back panel: 84809177

Driver Panel insulator: 84727213 (don't see pass side, looks full width?)

Driver Mat(??): 84372929

Pass Mat(??): 84372928

Armrest: 85562484

Cupholder Liner (might come with armrest): 84169370

Driver compartment: 84429738

Pass compartment: 84429739

Driver door: 84823989

Pass door: 84824008


Not sure whatever bits and bobs needed. Haven't found the main seat cover yet for H0U. Some of this stuff might come with the other things. For instance, when doing my hood intake the insulators were on the parts explosion but they came on the duct. The air filter was pre installed in the air box....etc.


With all the stuff needed this might be cost prohibitive, but if we can nail down what comes with what the exact parts required, who knows?



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