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Tow/Haul wont turn off in the engine. Button on the dash works just fine.

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2014 Silverado 5.3 V8
So I used to occasionally use the tow/haul button to use engine braking when on the expressway, coming off an exit, coming to a stop sign, etc. I thought this was a good idea to conserve brake life but totally backfired on me.
Now after a bit of time, the button will still turn the light on and off on the dash but the tow/haul mode won't disengage within the engine. I know this by listening to the way that it shifts and as it engine brakes while slowing down. It sounds and acts just like if it was in tow/haul mode. It still goes into higher RPMs before it shifts until I get up to about 50-60mph, then it acts normal. And when I start slowing down by braking or just coasting it starts downshifting by using the engine brakes. Has anybody had this happen and if so any idea how to fix this? I'm assuming it's probably not electrical due to the dash light still working as normal. Any help would be appreciated..

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You would need to see with a scan tool if tow/haul mode is still active even with the dash light off.


These transmission also have adaptive learning, so if you do stuff often enough it will slowly learn that and start doing it by itself. Plausible that you could leave the battery un-hooked for a little while, then touch the positive/negative battery terminals together for 5 seconds and hook them back up could reset things.

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So a bit of an update. This morning on my way to classes, came to a stop, started accelerating, and.... nothing. No transmission at all. Drive and reverse are completely neutral. No sound or anything when it happened... Which leads me to believe it is most likely an electrical issue? Now I'm starting to wonder if the tow/haul mode had any type of correlation to this. No engine light. However, the tow/haul light and the shifting display still works, which leads me to believe it may not be a broken wire in the shifter. Took a look underneath while it was being put in gear and the transmission is not engaging at all. Going to go take a look at things after finishing up with classes. I'll continue to update you guys on here...

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A bit of a tangent, but...


Saving wear and tear on the brakes by putting wear and tear on the transmission?  These 6-speeds aren't exactly renowned for their reliability.  I know which of the two I'd rather have to replace...

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