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Light off roading the 2021 Silverado Custom 2.5L

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Hey I just got a 2021 Silverado Custom 2.5L - not the z71 or trail boss. Like a simple base truck. Has anyone tried any light off roading with it? Not looking to go rock crawling but would love to cruise down some sandy or muddy trails. 


Any simple mods under $1k that would make it more trail worthy?

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I think you mean 2.7L turbo.


A custom has all-seasons standard (all terrains as an option)

If it has all seasons, swap them for a set of all-terrains. Might as well be a 'snowflake' tire like so they will be better in winter.


If it's sandy or muddy and you might want wheel spin, shut-off traction control. 


I'm not a fan of 'auto' 4wd.

If it's hard, it's in 2wd.

If it's muddy or deep/loose it's in 4wd. 



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I cant tell if you have 4wd or 2wd....


On hard-pack back roads/trails, tread pattern wont really matter so your all seasons are fine.  If your going to be traversing soft sand, mud, etc. then you will need to upgrade to an all terrain.  Soft sand is tough, regardless of 2WD or 4WD, and your best friend, and free mod, in soft sand is airing down to around 15-20 PSI


However, having owned 2WD vehicles for the past 20 years and trying to get as much off-road potential out of them that I could, you need to know that when you come across even semi-deep mud or really soft sand, you are severely limited from the get go and you need to really understand this and know your limitations.  I am definitely not saying soft sand or deep mud cant be done in a 2WD, I've done it when I had to, but its HARD and generally requires a lot of time on a winch or come-a-long when your out by yourself.    


If a second set of more aggressive tires aren't in the budget, I would suggest getting online and getting a set of X-Bull, or comparable, traction boards.  They are a truly valuable asset in soft sand, a comparatively cheap investment, and I have gotten A TON of use out of them. 


If you have 4WD, then I wouldn't worry about aggressive tires for light off-roading.  I would still look into purchasing some cheap-o traction boards for self extraction just in case you ever find yourself in over your head.


As for 4WD selection, I absolutely love 4WD Auto.  I drive on a lot of surfaces that constantly go from slick as snot to super adhesive and 4WD Auto handles those transitions flawlessly for me.  Without it, I would have to constantly switch between 4HI and 2HI resulting in a very irritating experience.  I enjoy it so much that I can honestly say any 4WD I purchase in the future will be required to have 4WD Auto, or some representation of it.  Same goes for 4Lo, having only used it a handful of times it has paid for itself.


Good luck and safe travels in your truck!

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