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10L1000 Assembly Lube?

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Question, do they use assembly lube within torque converter area? After long road trips I keep wiping a clear oil off this silver metal plug on the bottom of the transmission. It is just behind where to engine and transmission mate. It ain’t motor oil as it is not black and it is not red either. I’m stumped, wondering if anyone else notice something similar before I take it in. Just passed 4000 miles and it is a 2021 2500 duramax. 

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1 hour ago, Black02Silverado said:

How much have you been wiping off?  From the time you took it off the lot until now?  I wouldn't worry about it for now and just keep an eye on it.

2 times? First noticed when changed oil at 3k and again today after 160~ miles on the Highway and rolled over 4K.  Pulled inspection plug and looked around with light and mirror. Mostly clean with some type of oil on bottom of bell housing behind converter. Sprayed it out with some electrical cleaner, wiped with a microfiber and it is clean now. Took a quick 5 mile drive and checked, nothing new. Going to monitor after this weekends trip to see If it comes back, is so we’ll send it to the dealer. Just a hassle not having a vehicle for a day. 

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