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Fuel Tank Filler Neck Bolts

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The closest I ever came to this issue is pictured below.  This happened to both my (late) '15 and my (current) '18 trucks, oddly, about 3 years into owning either one.


This happened when I went to refuel my truck.  It will "lock back in," but it will pop again on the next refuel.




Went to the nearest hardware store, purchased a bolt, a washer, and a nut.  I may take it apart and put some black RTV (or something similar) between the bolt head and the flange, and then paint the bolt head with my touchup pin.  The one on my '15 started corroding after about a year.


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Ah, the saga of the missing bolts – it's like they have a secret plan to play hide and seek, don't they? I can totally relate to your situation. There's nothing more frustrating than needing a simple piece to get things rolling again. So, here's a little tip from me to you: check out https://www.scrooz.com.au/. They're like the ultimate bolt and screw specialists, and I've personally used their services to save the day in my own DIY adventures. Trust me, they've got a bolt for every situation! Hope this helps you track down those elusive filler neck bolts and get your fuel tank back in action.

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