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Picked up my "Forest" 2022 AT4 HD a couple weeks ago

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I picked this up a couple weeks ago. A long time friend is a GM at a local GMC Dealer. It was not even on the lot yet. I basically bought it out of the pipeline. It was a little stressful not seeing the color in person on any GM trucks since it is new for 2022. It showed up and I loved it!! My last 10 or so trucks have been all Black, Silver, Grey or White, so this is a welcome change., It is a 6.6 gasser. I traded my 2021 Silverado 2500HD Custom that I bought at the beginning of May. It only had 5,100 miles, but I was offered a good amount over what I paid for it on a trade towards this one. Love the color and I swapped my Running Boards and my Fuel Wheels with 35x12.5x20 tires over from the other truck. 





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Beautiful truck!  I have a 2021 GMC 2500 HD Denali.  I paid $77K for it (it had an $81K MSRP).  Last week, a dealer offered me $73K for it.  I'd like to trade, but since there is a shortage of 2022 models, I think I'll just keep what I got.

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That is a nice looking AT4!

I was looking at my local dealer at the same thing in white, and they wanted a $10k market adjustment on top of sticker, so I passed, and moved on to a Chevy High Country. Too bad, I really like the AT4 trucks!



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Nice to see one. My bud has a Silverado HD ordered in that color. We saw a new one in a parking lot and while looking at it the owner came up and he said a lot of people have been checking it out because hardly anyone has seen it in person. My bud wanted something different and I put the bug in his head just messing around until it ate him enough he switched from black 😂

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