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2019 3500 Silverado: GPS gets wacky after driving non-stop for several hours.

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When I road trip, I'm like a machine.  I just keep driving and driving and driving, without stopping.  After a number of hours, my GPS will start showing my location as anywhere but on the actual road (which is a big hassle if I have a destination plugged in).  In at the dealership (warranty) and of course they can not duplicate it (duh.  Unless you fill the tank, grab a 12 pack of Diet Pepsi, bag of jerky, and head out across the US for a few hours, you're not going to duplicate it).  The immediate fix is to pull over and shut down the pickup.  If starting right back up, the problem continues.  It takes a few minutes (for example, while fueling) for the system to reset and for the GPS to start working correctly again.  Generally not an issue, but if I have a big road trip it is a problem.  Anyone else have this problem?  Did you get it resolved?  Thanks.

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you could be passing thru a millitary zone or some sort of sensitive security area, they might be jamming to disable hobby drones. or your truck is putting out a 900 mhz freq some where that's jamming stuff, but usually GPS spoofing relocates your gps location to confuse FMU computers on drones and not jam it.


I always bring two GPS units when traveling, never rely on phones or the truck gps

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I had a similar problem with a 2015 GMC and it was the antenna. Water was getting past the seal and shorting out the antenna.  There was a service bulletin to replace the shark fin antenna, its was not repairable.  Mine would show me miles off track.


Don't know if this applies to your year....




A customer may comment they have one of more of the following symptoms:

The issue will usually be accompanied by a DTC (B2462-02, B2462-04, B2470-02, B2470-04, B125C-01, B125C-02, or B125C-04 ).

Note: This recommendation only applies to vehicles equipped with the high frequency “painted” antenna assembly after built before the dates listed.

Engineering has identified an issue of water intrusion into the body of the antenna assembly which can ultimately travel down the wiring pigtail into the vehicle.

There have also been cases of water leaks from underneath the antenna at the roof panel opening. Inspect the roof sheet metal to ensure there is no deformation at or near the antenna pass-thru opening

If the antenna performance concerns outlined and/or one of the water leak concerns are encountered, replace the antenna ensuring to use the latest antenna part number available from CCA parts without removing the cover from the base.

Important: The painted antenna cover is NOT intended to be removed. Do Not remove the antenna cover from the antenna base, as this may compromise the sealing performance of the new part.

Note: DO NOT use and any form of Sealants on the replacement antennacover, seals or gaskets.


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On 10/19/2021 at 8:00 AM, dieselfan1 said:

Use Google maps on your phone.

Or, Apple Maps (it's getting better.)
Most people I know, however, prefer Waze.
All through the infotainment screen, of course, for Android Auto or Apple Car Play. :)

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