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Need a little more get-up and go??


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  • redwngr changed the title to Need a little more get-up and go??

1004 HP, 4 more than the Hellephant.  Coincidence?  I think not :)


I love it, but I doubt you will be able to get one for less than 18 grand considering the 572 is over 16 grand.  One these in an older K5 Blazer and I would sell my first born.

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Nice to think about. In reality building around that power to use it would be very costly. If I had stupid I don’t give a sh$t money. I’d put in a 68 impala fastback. Power glide and a 273 posi. Red white top, keystone classic wheels. I have an exhaust like the trucks. A series of high flow mufflers and resonators so it’s not too loud. 

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