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Front Passenger Tire Rubbing Fender after Wreck

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I posted on here a while back about a wreck I had where I ended up sideways in a ditch, trying to get an idea of the damage done. The front tire took a pretty big hit, as the whole weight of the truck landed on the front passenger tire when it landed in the ditch. I recently got my truck back after all the repairs were done and had an issue where the front tire was rubbing the fender. I was able to remove the plastic mud guard so it wouldn't rub too bad. But when I measured and compared with the other side, there was about a 3/4 inch difference versus the drivers side. I took it back to the body shop, and they keep wanting to blame it on the oversized tires (Running 33s on a 2 inch level). The only issue I had before the wreck was slight rubbing on the inside of the wheel well liner at full lock, but nothing this bad! As of today they called me and said they couldn't find anything wrong in the front end. The lower control arm had already been replaced, and realigned. They said their countermeasure was realigning it with more positive caster angle to try and center the tire better. To me that seems like were just covering up some other issue by doing that. Also wouldn't that just shift the drivers side tire closer to the front, and possibly rub on the front bumper now?


I'm out of ideas what it could be, and they are too. The frame has been checked and they said they have checked everything else and can't find anything. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions? I've only had the truck for 9 months, and it didn't have new tires on it when I got it, but now it does. So they keep telling me it was probably an issue before and I just didn't know it until the new tires just recently got put on. To me it doesn't matter what tires it has on it, it's still 3/4 inch off from the drivers side.


The picture I attached is not the greatest, but it gives you an idea of what I'm talking about.


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Nor cal. Maybe take it somewhere else to check that shops alignment? Does it drive straight if you let go of the wheel? Loaded question as most roads are slanted to keep the vehicle from going into oncoming traffic for various reasons. Maybe try in a parking lot.

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3 hours ago, LovinChevy said:

It did drive straight as far as I could tell. To me that much of a difference seemed like more than an alignment issue.

It seems you had a bad repair. Call your insurance company and find a new body shop.
The insurance company is bound by law to put your truck back together as it was before. Else, they'll total it.
If this is a new issue after repair, you should have an avenue of redress.

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