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Correct me if I’m wrong. 

I have a 2016 Silverado 1500


they can fit 33x11.5 factory.


Negative Offset in a wheel pulls the wheel out from the inside of the wheel well.

so if I have say a -24 mm offset wheel I can accommodate a wider tire. 
I have mixed reviews on largest tire size. I only have the front leveled 2 in. 
I just ordered a set of 5 pro comp wheels with -38 mm offset. Could pull the wheel out 1.5 inches.

im looking for tires. I wanna run a 305 70 r17


this should fit with no rubbing?

I forgot to mention I have a barricade pre runner front bumper with skids.

just looking for some reassurance on that tire size before I order. Looking to order on Thursday.



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8 hours ago, M1ck3y said:

If it doesn't fit add a wheel spacer, may as well push those tires right out of the fender!

I’ve come to the conclusion from research 33x12.5 will fit.

-38 mm offset wheels

17x9 wheel

pre runner front bumper

found a set of kendras at a local shop for 925$ going to pick them up at 9. My rims still haven’t processed yet but I’ll still need tpms. Never have done it but the Chevy is worth it.

don’t want spacers they’re trash. Buy the negative offset wheel. I use to sell stuff for Extremeterrain so I’ve learned a little about wheels and also jeeps are trash. Lol

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My reply on your other thread:
"With -38 wheels and 33.8x12 tires on a 2" level, you'll have some rubbing issues.
I had 33" BFG all terrains, which run a tad small, and I barely cleared on the stock +24 wheels on mine.
If one pushes them out to -38, it will cause some issues without some trimming.
Heck, you might be looking at a NorCal mod (I hate cutting into my truck). "

If you push the wheels out, you'll get more rubbing on the fender without a higher lift.
Quite frankly, I'm not a fan of tires outside the fenders - it just gets your truck dirty and sprays dirt, rocks and water (if it's wet) on those behind you.

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