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swapping manual seats for power seats

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My double cab 14 same basic setup had a diff wiring harness the upper level trucks. Mone of the wiring was there and i had to use the old harness for the seat belt or something. Iirc someone makes a harness for the swap. Maybe harnessdoctor.com 

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I have just purchased a full set of Denali heated/cooled 10 way power seats, and will be doing this upgrade soon on my 14 RCLB 2WT Silverado.

I have not looked at the wiring in my truck to see if the power wires are populated (I will be installing these one way or another regardless). There are a lot of discussions about this, but the general gist of things are two things:


1. You may or may not have the power feeds populated in the main seat connector (big yellow plug under seat).

2. Depending on the seats you buy (memory vs no memory, heated/cooled or not, Denali, etc) you may need to bypass  the memory seat module and/or reconfigure the seat position sensor.


Harness Dr sells some harnesses to resolve these issues (pgamboa on these forums).


If your capable of working with wiring (cutting, soldering, etc) then most of the work is fairly easy. If you do not buy seats  that have the memory module, then just power/ground is needed. Getting heated/cooling functionality working is much more involved process, not for the faint hearted. If you do have memory seats, the module is easily bypassed by applying power to pin23 red/black wire, in addition to the main power wire (red/yellow, pin 2).

Here is one of several threads, with a lot of posts, about seat swaps:

The vast majority of trucks are crew cab, but I see no reason seat upgrades cannot be done to regular cabs. If you like, I can post updates here on how my install results. It may take a month, depending on postage and delivery of the seats and my work schedule (75+ hours a week). First stage will be just getting the seats in, power movement working, and airbag system happy. Heated/cooling will be the second stage, but that will take much longer as I have to develop a controller to interface with the seats and the OEM controls. There is an option to have your BCM reprogrammed to enable heated seats (among other things), but this is $250USD+ ($600USD if you go the AutoSync method). I will be doing it my own way.


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Yeah the long work weeks has really been a drag, it was because the other tech for my area cold turkey quit... Now its just me, and it's hard to find any capable replacement. Basically doing the work of two, however, it has been great for making some goals finally fundable without any worry though :)


I have the Mcgaughys installed now. I had planned on doing a video and recorded the install I did in my garage, just never got to the editing as I didn't think there would be much interest. Kit has been great though... albeit now the 33" tires I have seem too small haha. Rubbing on these trucks an achilles heel.

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