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Air Blasting After Remote Start

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14 hours ago, Transient said:

Just because it's 60 outside doesn't mean it's 60 inside.  The interior is usually warmed up by the sun.  There's no breeze inside the cabin to cool down the temps. 

I haven't found it warm enough inside the truck when it's only in the 60's. Maybe we can get one of the handheld tuners to allow adjustments. 

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10 hours ago, Ithan Henry said:

I haven't found it warm enough inside the truck when it's only in the 60's. Maybe we can get one of the handheld tuners to allow adjustments. 

Different strokes for different folks.  Everybody is different.  Where I'm at everybody is freezing when it gets below 70.  I'm in shorts year round.

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On 12/5/2021 at 4:14 PM, Bigfoot98 said:

What's stupid about it?

The entire point of remote start is to make the cabin comfortable, it its hot it blows cold and if its cold it heats it up, turns on the window defrost, heated mirriors steering wheel and seats

How's it annoying? Really how?

Dont remote start the vehicle if you dont want to use its features🤷‍♂️

You can disable some of the heaters in vehicle setting on the radio, same place for the windows down from keyfob and horn alerts, rear seat reminder and what not


I also find it flawed. Not for when the vehicle is simply running empty before the driver gets in but for the passengers. Many times I’ll start the vehicle on a cold day and my passengers will go in the vehicle before me and will have to sit there getting blasted with cold air until I get in. Sometimes that could be up to 5 minutes later. 
Rarely is the vehicle running long enough for the temp to really warm up the interior before getting in. I’m mostly doing it to get the fluids flowing so I can get in and go. Prior to leaving work or heading to work from home.  If you could have the blowers continue where they were last set i think that would be better. 

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In these situations, I often look for a strait forward solution.


For instance, you could force the vehicle to behave the way that you want it to.


You could use one of two methods:


Pull the blower motor fuse out, and replace it with wires that go to a switch and fuse combo. So you can turn the switch off when you get out of the truck, and then blower will be disabled, but still protected by a fuse.


Another way to do it would be to use a replay, rather than a mechanical switch. The replay would be activated by something that gets power only when the key is turned on.


Either way, the blower would not be functional until the key is inserted, which would also trigger the HVAC mode that you have selected.




https://www.etrailer.com/Tow-Bar-Wiring/Curt/C93HR.html?feed=npn&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Google | Shop - Tow Bar Wiring&adgroupid=88664055969&campaignid=203665337&creative=404001548585&device=c&devicemodel=&feeditemid=&keyword=&loc_interest_ms=&loc_physical_ms=9033405&matchtype=&network=g&placement=&position=&gclid=Cj0KCQiAzfuNBhCGARIsAD1nu--AJyddGqpsQTmgoDHUW9aKnIXYjGP4yiBAsHNlIDv_7WrN2i3frK0aAqzPEALw_wcB

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