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Multi-pro tailgate lock out

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Reading the Owners manual on my new '22 3500 Denali. 


Pretty boring after reading the manual for my '21 1500 Denali.


But one section caught me off guard. Says you can lock out the inner gate. Had to go back to the 21's manual to see if I missed it last year. Nope, not in it.


Hopefully @newdude will see this and respond, if'n this can be programmed into a 21. I went out to the 21 to see if it worked and wasn't mentioned in the manual. No luck.


Anyone have a '22 1500 limited and have this feature?



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Looks like it was added for 2022+. My guess it was supposed to be apart of the Refresh for 22 but the Limiteds ended up with it first. Is it just on and off? Order Guide makes it seem like it's supposed to recognize the hitch. But guessing it just means IF a hitch installed you can turn it off. Seems like it could work automatically since the trucks know when a hitch is connected anyways. 


Below is a 21 without it mentioned and 22 with it. 



Screenshot_20220102-125642_Chrome Beta.jpg


2022 LTD+

Screenshot_20220102-125726_Chrome Beta.jpg

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From 2022 LTD Owners Manual


To disable the inner tailgate from opening:

ensure that the remote key is within 1 meter (3 ft) of the rear bumper and then hold the upper touchpad on the tailgate handle for three seconds.


The tail lamps will flash to alert you that the inner gate has been disabled.


The inner and outer tailgate can still be operated like a traditional tailgate, but the inner gate will not be able to be opened alone.


To enable the inner tailgate function, hold the upper touchpad on the handle for 3 seconds until the tail lamps flash.

The inner tailgate can now be opened separately from the outer tailgate.

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Wish this worked on my 21. As soon as you press the button it releases the latches. Dealer would probably want a fortune to program it even if it was possible on a 21.

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3 hours ago, Dean74 said:

How do you lock the entire tail gate for security purposes?  

Lock the doors.

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4 hours ago, TXS Heat said:

How do disable the in cab tailgate switch? I have hit it a few times thankfully nothing hit by tailgate. 

Only way is to keep it out of park.😇

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