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Need Help! - How to read Invoice?


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Hey all - just bought a vehicle and am back home now and looking through the paper work more closely I'm second guessing a couple numbers on the Vehicle Sale sheet. 


So,  I have a "Vehicle Invoice" for the car I bought and it lists EMPLOY: 37195.10.   

Does this mean when working a deal with a dealer,  the "Purchase of Vehicle (including Freight and Accessories)" line item should read 37195.10? (I do have gm Employee discount).  Looking at my purchase paper,  it says 38553.40.  Is that increase a destination charge which isn't reflected on the Vehicle Invoice?   For what it's worth,  SUPPLR is 38682.60, which doesn't tie to the 38553.40 either. 


I gotta call the sales guy tomorrow to find out.   I'm kind of having a bad taste right now with my buying experience,  we (sales guy or finance guy,  whoevers responsibility it is/ should be)  did not really go through this at a line item level.  I also blame myself for not thinking to do this at the time of purchase.  I mean,  I seen the numbers but did not realize at the time the 38k should maybe have been 37k.


Mostly everything was done over the phone as we didn't deal locally - was a pain to find the vehicle we wanted. 


Edit: per window sticker destination is 1195.  Sticker price 41k. 

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5 hours ago, Donstar said:

I'd phone the finance person at the dealership, confirm that s/he has the time or arrange a time, and walk through the document line by line.   The process will enlighten you and the financial officer.   


$10 says he walks out of the finance office with an upgraded warranty package, gap insurance, and an upgraded roadside assistance program that also offers motel and rental car coverage. Shaving that $1,000 off the invoice only cost an extra $4,000.


Those finance people are trained to SELL SELL SELL. If you buy this, then we can accommodate you on that, which overall is a fantastic way to save money and get better coverage. The only reason we are able to offer you this great discount, is because you are a new customer, and we just happen to have this one last form leftover from a promotional. This isn't even supposed to happen, but because of what is technically a clerical error, you have a great opportunity to take advantage of the additional savings.



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37195.10 is what you should have paid before taxes, dealer fee's  and any added accessories not included on the invoice.  As long as you did not sign something that included a fee of some kind?   I believe GM will audit the sale so if there was an error they should catch it.  I had a similar experience albeit over 12 yrs ago. The dealer misapplied a GM business discount I had and did not credit me the proper amount and GM auditing the sale called me and informed me I would be getting a $500 refund from the dealer due to their error.  I got a check a week or so later.  Be a few years and can't recall the exact details of how the miscalculated the discount. 

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I stopped in there today because our Blazer had a coolant leak... ugh! Not even 150 miles hardly. 


Any way,  spoke with General sales manager and he got the salesman on the phone as well,  the extra is due to splash guard install ( about 250) and the remainder is a fee the dealer is charging due to supply shortage or something.  I did recall in that moment discussing this with the sales guy a week or so ago over the phone.   Slipped my mind. 


All is good...

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