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2022 denali 2500hd looking for options of lift or level where you can keep the use of factory rims and auto 4wd.

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I hadn’t thought about the sensing that triggers auto 4wd.  However, just so you understand what auto 4wd does, I don’t think there is any ability to control torque sent to the front vs rear wheels. Auto 4wd simply commands the transfer case to go into 4wd when its logic detects a certain amount of slippage. 

I have owned a Yukon XL with auto 4wd for nearly 20 years. When I bought it they gave me a number of reasons for recommending that I not use it. I literally have never used it. I want to be in control of when I switch in and out of 4wd. 

I’ve always left my suspension stock other than shock replacements, so I have no experience to offer on lifting or leveling.

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When you up that high you wanna drop front diff down so cv angles are flatter.....heard a few lifts that said auto 4wd isn't recommended and few peeps that had issues......


Long as axle angles are good should be no issues with 4wd.....I would do it just for piece of mind.....


3.5 to 4 in is too much without correcting geometry, imo

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Hey Fellas, I called ready lift directly and they said that not to use the auto 4 was the recommendation for the at4 1500. That I can continue to use it with my 2022 denali hd. The kits itself has diff drop spacers new a arms and new ball joints and tie rods to keep it close to factory angles. Also this kit kit comes with bilstein shocks all around. So 3.5" front 2" rear. I love my bds 6" lift on my work truck sierra 1500 but this lift honestly appealed to me more compared to the 3" bds(ball joints,tie rods.  I'm not a fan of fox shocks that come with it. 3000 cdn imstalled took forever to come in but its here gets installed on the 3rd or march here.

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As for the auto 4wd my wife ran her 2010 suburban in auto 4 from November to April every year no issues with the transfer case. She has a  2016 yukon denali xl and no issues. My 2012 sierra 1500 with the 6" lift 35"x12.5 tires I run it in auto all the time for daily driving lease roads on the oil patch or on site up here in northern ab she is all ice and snow. If there is a good dump of the white stuff I throw it in 4 hi and if I'm chewing down a remote road she goes in 4 lo. I have 240,000km on it no issues with the transfer case......knock on wood.

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