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Do all Sierra 1500 AT4 model come equipped with sport mode?

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Hello, I'm new to the forum.  I can't seem to find an answer to this question and neither the dealership, service, or parts has an answer.


I just purchased a 2022 Sierra limited 1500 AT4.  According to the owners manual there should be four drive modes.  Tow/Haul, Tour mode, Sport Mode, & Off Road.  The Sport mode is absent on my truck.  I most likely will not have a use for the Sport mode, but am curious why it is not equipped with it.  From everything I read in the owners manual and online marketing, it should be an option for this model.  There is a *asterisk beside the Sport Mode description that is hyperlinked on GMC's help page that when clicked says this feature is not available with off road mud terrain tires.  Although my truck is equipped with off road tires, it was not indicated as an option on the sticker.  It is on most other AT4 trucks stickers that I have viewed.  With that said, what if a person wanted to swap to a street grade tire and use sport mode?


Thanks for any clarification!



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You don't need different tires to use sport mode. As to why you don't have that function... very weird. So you have normal and offroad mode, but no sport? And you're using the dial labeled towhaul function/mode. 

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Jim, I do have a two speed transfer case. 6.2 engine.  I've looked at other stickers of new AT4s and nowhere on there does it specify whether it is or isn't equipped with sport drive mode.  Best I can tell all of the trucks are supposed to be equipped with it.


Mickey, yes just normal and off-road mode when turning the dial clockwise to the right. Turning it to the left or counterclockwise is tow haul mode.


I can see why GM might recommend not using sport mode if you have oversized aggressive mud tires, but I can't see why they would disable sport mode for it.  I called the service center at the local GM dealership and they said they would not be allowed to change the configuration even if I had street tires on it.  


I'm just trying to find out if this is the case with all AT4 trucks or if there is some manufacturer error with mine.


Thanks for the replies.

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I don't see the 'sport mode' disclaimer in the 2021 OM.


2 speed transfer case is standard on AT4.



Anyway my Denali behaves this way:


When the dial is turned counterclockwise it goes into tow/haul mode. (and light the t/h icon in dic)

When the dial is turned to clockwise it shows a list of normal, sport and off-road modes on the DIC


When the dial is turned clockwise from

- in 4wd or 4LO is defaults to off-road mode

- in 2wd it defaults to sport mode 

When the mode list is displayed, additional turns clockwise will advance the 'mode' choice through the list of 3 .


Manual suggests that if sport selected and truck detects it is not being driven in a 'spirited' manner it will return to normal shift programming.



@sptsman79 - when you turn yours clockwise, it displays just 'normal' and 'off-road' (but not sport)?



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Yes, that is correct.  Only normal and off-road.  Sport is not an option.


Here's the link that I referenced where there is a hyperlink by sport mode that indicates sport mode is not available on models with mud/all terrain tires.   Scroll down the page a bit to where it addresses drive modes. Click the red hyperlink.


Capability Features | 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 | Pickup Truck



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Found it.


Didn't know that was a thing with the mud terrains.

Link says: Sport not available with mud terrain off-road tires 


Does not seem to include all terrains.


So perhaps 

 -- 'mud terrains' don't get sport mode

 -- 'all terrains' and 'all season' get sport mode



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I have a '21 AT4 with the 20" All Terrains and it has Sport mode.  It's hard to believe that they would remove a feature just because someone choose the 18 Duratracs.  Are you in 4x4 mode, maybe sport is only available when it is in 2wd High.  Now I am going to have to check!

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I have a 22 LTD Trail Boss 6.2 and I do not have sport mode either. I saw another thread that mentioned sport mode was no longer included on the TB/AT4 for 2022.


Everyone says the limited is a carryover of the 21 but it is not. Prices are higher and fewer standard features. Still great trucks.

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had RST with terrain mode (no 2 spd) and it had sport mode, i believe even LT probably gets it.........all AT4 have 2 spd anyway, but i dont believe its linked to that......AT4 should definetly have sport mode


also had gmc elevation and it had sport mode

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