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Question - confirmation of wheel bolt pattern for 1500's - are they the same on the 2016 and 2019+ ... ??

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Hey guys,


Getting ready to drop some coin on wheels and I'm looking to confirm that the 2019 1500 bolt pattern is the same as the 2016 ('14-18) bolt patterns at 6x5.5 / 6x139.7.


These are the wheels that I'm eyeing:  https://www.relationsracewheels.com/products/rr7-h-17x8-5-6x5-5-6x139-7-hybrid-beadlock-2019-chevy-silverado-1500?variant=39686413156434.


Thanks & Cheers!

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9 minutes ago, jscottl said:

Yes they are same. BUT wheels that are backspaced for 18 and down will not fit 19+ due to nub on 19+ front calipers. 

Thanks.  Does it work the other way around?  Can wheels for 19 and up work on a 2016?  

in this case, Backspacing: 4.28"

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2 hours ago, ksiesel said:

I believe the wheels from 19+ will fit the K2, however the TPMS sensors use a different frequency so you will have to swap them or get new ones that work with the K2.

Roger that, I appreciate the insight. I’ll follow up here once I hear back from a couple more sources. Several vendors (trail built, custom offsets, etc) Let you build a wheel package with the wheels that I’m interested in, after putting in vehicle info for ‘16, Chevrolet, Silverado 1500, 4wd.  


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