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L8T twin turbo -Scoggin Dickey build 2000HP-

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Just had to share the potential of this 6.6L. Hopefully supercharger or turbo kits are coming soon.





Parts list from article:


  • ATI balancer
  • Callies Ultra Enforcer I-beam rods. PN: U17175
  • Chevrolet Performance Gen V L8T 3.860 forged 58X crankshaft. PN: 12708884
  • Comp Cams hydraulic roller
  • GM 1.8:1 rocker arms w/ CHE trunion upgrade
  • GM LT4 head gaskets
  • GM rod and main bearings
  • Hooker exhaust manifolds
  • Holley 102mm cable throttle body
  • Holley High Ram port injection intake manifold
  • MAXIMA 15W-50 break-in oil
  • Moroso oil pan w/Peterson external oil pump
  • SDPC Raceshop modified L8T engine block with steel caps. PN: SDR98759
  • SDPC Raceshop CNC Ported Gen V LT4 Cylinder Heads. PN: SDR78973
  • Shearer Fabrication Intercooler
  • Wastegates and blow-off valves by Precision Turbo & Engine
  • Wiseco 2618 forged aluminum pistons w/Total Seal rings
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The only thing keeping people out ditches these days are the nannies. Turn off the nannies most people would pee their pants mating the gas with 400 HP. If you really want cheap thrills add nitrous. By the time built that monster  you could have bought a good used factory hot rod and left your truck alone. That’s about 1500 too much for the street.

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somewhat agree, id de tune it to around 900 to 1200hp and put it in a car that can somwhat hook up, and adjust power based on that. in the summer around here every body has 500+ hp, many cars running around with 800+ , but i get what your saying 2k hp is no joke....

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Very impressive using a stock block and crank.  Really shows how stout the L8T is, and supports what I have heard about the cylinder wall thickness.  Incidentally, Brian Wolff' had to fill the block on the 7.3L Godzilla in his effort to make 1800 H.P. with one.




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2000 HP - for when you really need to "get out of town quick".  :thumbs:

I'm surprised we aren't seeing more tuners hit the market.  This truck can tow full loads on 87 Octane gas.

Got to think there's another 20HP on 93 Octane with the right tune.


That Godzilla has huge cooling jackets, no wonder they needed to fill the block.

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I swear, if Magnuson/procharger would come out with a bolt on kit w-tunning included (for a 2500hd 6.6 gas). It would sell like crack, heck I'd let em use my truck for R&D if I'd get it back within 11 to 13 months, with a free blower and tune ove course.....


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