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2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD fuse box

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Hi all, I have a 2022 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD and installing a Blackvue 900x dashcam.  Hardwiring to the truck and going to utilise the passenger side fuses as per most people have done.


Using an electrical tester I notice none of the fuses in that panel are emitting any power while truck is on or off.  Thinking it may be my tester I tried on the drivers side panel and all those fuses illuminate my tester pen.

could it be a faulty fuse box? But then should there be multiple things failing in my truck if no fuses on the passenger side was working?


wondering if someone could offer some insight







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If memory serves me, the fuses on the passenger side are hot only when the ignition is on.  The driver side fuses are always hot.  Not sure where your problem lies but hopefully this helps.

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Upper right side of that fuse box is a 50A fuseable link.  There are three male spades.  Currently the one spade you can see on the left will either be direct battery voltage or Accessory.  You could use a male spade on the Battery positive spade with an inline fuse.

Check to ensure the negative side of your tester is on a real ground (maybe go direct to Battery negative under the hood).  I once tested a fuse box only to find what you did.  I was dead certain the fuse block was dead.  Then I realized the post I was using for Negative was a rubber isolator... DOH!!!  lol


Good luck! :cheers:


Side note:  When you are done, it would be great to get your thoughts on install and your satisfaction with the unit. :thumbs:

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Thank you.  I actually copied your wiring exactly even though the fuses are omitting no voltage on the pen tester and low and behold when I started the ignition the camera turned on.  I've never been so turned on in my life!

I used the ground screw to the right.

So whilst using this item for 24 hours, I notice the cam goes into parking mode when ignition is off and I exit the truck.  However after 20 mins the camera stops sending parking event alerts so I'm suspecting after 15-20 mins the voltage that goes to the BATT wire (red) actually stops giving juice.

Are you experiencing the same?

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Update to this, just checked the CAMs and they have the white light so power isn't the problem.  Am suspecting my trucks WIFI perhaps disconnects after 20 mins which severed the connection to the cloud.

What solution are you fine fellows using for 24hour connection to the cloud?  I assume you purchase a data SIM too, what kind of prices are you paying monthly for that?



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5 minutes ago, 22z712500 said:

Are you guys just jamming the wires into those fuse slots?  Are there no fuse taps available for our trucks?


Mine are just wrapped around the fuse posts for now. I say for now, but they've been like that for a year. I have a pack of fuse taps, just haven't gotten around to doing that swap. 

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