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What makes you think it’s rare? I had one too. 1994 K1500, 5.7L, 4L60E, Silverado trim. When I bought it, there were small “Special Edition” decals on the sides near the taillights I believe. I never knew what they meant until I had some pieces painted and the body shop couldn’t find the paint code in any of their books. Turned out, the green paint was a rare option on the ‘94 trucks. The ‘95 truck green was a different shade. 


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Im from SoCal. and im trying to either find a parts truck or another truck and they're very hard to find. i might find 1 for $5000 plus. looked and junk yards, marketplaces, and auctions. i know that 1993 it interchangeable. Just cant find info in them. when i got the truck they took the whole wiring harness and computer.(it was a part truck and gave it to me at no cost). also needs some parts here and there. 1994 4wd GMT400 extended cab, with a 5.7l TBI 4l60E, is buy vin also. I remember doing some research also and some website only went up to the 5.0l engine and not 5.7l. If anybody have manuals, tech books on this vehicle i would highly appreciate you sharing because im having a really rough time figuring this out @HoosierZ @richard wysong

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They were big sellers, most in demand  truck.  I had a 92 and a 96 and the lots were full of new trucks like that.  Likely the reason you won't find a lot of parts in your area is because many are still on the road.   Up here in Michigan, most have rusted away.  A friend has my old 1996 and not much left of the body and he has had is fixed 2x so far to try to stop the rust.

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I had a 92 until 2 years ago for 12 years. A family member has it. A little paint fade, interior perfect. A stroke blown engine, modified transmission, 373 rear. It’s his daily. 


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18 hours ago, Nathan Gallegos said:

I have a 1994 4wd GMT400 extended cab, with a 5.7l TBI 4l60E. Im looking for other trucks like this and its very hard for me to find one. Also can barely find any info on it.



Not really.  Plenty of those trucks were built.  They are on the rare side in good condition now a days, yes, but when that gen truck was in production, far from rare.  


Here's one on Bring a Trailer right now:  No Reserve: 1994 Chevrolet Silverado K1500 Z71 4x4 for sale on BaT Auctions - ending April 3 (Lot #69,649) | Bring a Trailer

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