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2006 2500 Sierra Bose stereo issues

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Ok, this will be a long one.  So my stereo randomly stopped making sound a year or so ago and would intermittently work.  I’ve browsed all of the threads on this.  But after that I’m at a loss.  It still intermittently works.


ive checked power. I have good power at fuses.  
passenger door speaker wasn’t working, so thinking that was the problem, I took that out today, still no sound coming from unit.


i checked drivers kick panel, I don’t see any chafed wires. 

With key in ignition but off, I hear static or white noise from all speakers, but no sound.


One thing I’ve noticed is after the truck sits in the sun while I’m at work all day, the radio will work fine. Until I shut it off and try and start again.  

im not convinced it’s a bad amp or head unit, because when it does work it works consistently until the vehicle is shut down.  

I have guessed a door latch or BCM, but interior lights come on as they should, and dash doesn’t indicate any door open.



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