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2004 Chevy Silverado 2500HD/4 WD got transmission fluid overfill at dealership....

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So, my Chevy went to the dealership back in December for an oil change, tire rotation, transmission flush/refill, transfer case flush/refill and a small electrical problem from the last time they had the truck in their shop. In addition to what I asked them to do, they replaced the HVAC head unit and messed up the wiring causing a short in the truck. They had to jump the truck to get it to the front of the dealership for pick up and again when I got back in it. The battery had been replaced 7 months early. We took it to a local guy who found they had incorrectly wired the HVAC unit into our truck. Fast forward to the first time I tried to tow something with it--less than 500 miles after pick up. I was driving up a hill and got a "Hot Transmission" notice. Ended up getting that diagnosed and heading back to dealership (complete with horse on trailer) to have 4 quarts of overfill taken off the transmission. I was sent on my way and told it was fine. I didn't get 30 minutes and had the same issue. They took the truck did something minor to it and said it was fine as far as they could tell. Without a load, the couldn't repeat the "Hot Transmission" issue.... We took the truck home, knowing it wasn't yet right, and put a load on it. I drove it up one BIG "hill" hooked with trailer and horse. I didn't get the light. But, I was smelling burning fluid--not oil--fluid. The next time I drove the truck the gear shifting was lightly jerky. Guessing that the trailer/horse buffered that so I couldn't feel much. Truck went back in for the dealership to look at again. This time, they were not informed of my previous issues and called to tell me I have to replace my transmission because of internal damage to the transmission. Truck has been driven about 1000 miles since pick up on 12/18/2021. The dealership put on at least 200 of those miles trying to figure out a way to not replace the transmission last time they had it. What's everyone's opinion here? Is the transmission issue my fault or did the dealer kill my transmission with that 4 quart overfill? Thanks for your assistance. 

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It sounds like it probably is their fault, but it sounds like they aren't going to pay for anything, or perhaps might give you a small discount if you get them to replace the transmission.


But, based on what you said of their work, there is no way I ever bring any vehicle to them to diagnose or repair.

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Overfilling is not good and common in dip stick transmissions. I go through the dipstick to remove with my Avalanche. It easier than doing an oil change. I measure and put in that amount back. I always check after a service call the easy stuff. Oil and older vehicles with dipsticks transmissions. People make mistakes. An 04 getting any kind of warranty? Maybe some with an admission of fault. The problem is there’s plenty of dedicated transmissions shops that would be cheaper probably even if the dealer did. Probably quicker turn around. 

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