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Has anyone experienced automatic emergency braking?

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I have it turned on in my truck and it beeps and flashes red but has never applied the brakes when I'm speeding up to pass someone or when I've had to stop abruptly and I'm already on the brakes. I've checked to make sure it was actually turned on in the settings as you can have it off, alert or alert and brake. It's set to alert and brake. How close do you have to be for it to actually work?

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I turned it off on the CRV. On roads with turn lanes I’ve seen cars shut it down to the point it almost caused a wreck. There’re too sensitive. I cautioned people I know keeping distance between cars is a must now. I only use adaptive cruise on two lanes with no turn lanes. It’s amazing how often it flashes brake for no reason.

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28 minutes ago, dieselfan1 said:

I've had people cut in front of me at hwy speed and it practically locks them up.

I've had the adaptive cruise control brake pretty firmly in this situation. I've never, to my knowledge, had the auto emergency braking activate though. I've had the red icon flash on the HUD plenty of times, but it's never actually applied the brakes. 

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Yep! have not had it activate in the new truck yet, just the flashing red and vibrating seat. But my experience was in my Mercedes S550. Right lane at 40 in a 45 mph 3 lane roadway, just as I looked in my sideview mirror--literally 1 second--the car in front of me came to a near stop. I was so entrenched in my lane change to left as the car went into ABS and stopped before hitting him!! Literally saved me from that accident. My eyes didnt look to the sideview mirror for 1 second before my seatbelt cinched up and car stopped. Didnt even know the car had that feature as I had only owned it a week. Big fan of the technology now!! I have never had a fender bender or rear ended a car in 45 years of driving.....but I would have that day!! Saved me no doubt. I actually made sure my wifes new truck had this feature after my experience.

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It happened to me the other day in a parking lot.  A car came around the corner (NOT that close to me) and my truck came to a complete stop while I was reversing.  I actually thought I hit something and it scared the crap out of me.  My wife's neck even got a little tweaked.  I turned that feature off and kept just the warning alert functionality. For me personally, the auto braking functionality is no bueno.

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I have never once had mine actually apply the breaks either. I have wondered if the feature actually even works considering how many times I have had the red alert flash on the HUD LOL.

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Posted (edited)

I have several times as I drive on 2-lane roads almost all the time.  When it happens its sudden and unexpected.  Once I had a vehicle that pulled up to 'T" stop and EB slammed me to almost a dead stop.  The car had moved into the intersection but was not a danger of me hitting it but it came into range, I seen the car and bam, the truck went from 55 to  dead stop.  Also vehicles moving on the shoulder once triggered it.

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