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Vehicle will not CASE/CKP relearn (2000 Escalade)

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Hiya folks,


I drive a 2000 Escalade (5.7L Vortec) which I believe is a platform that's pretty close to the 1999 Yukon Denali, so I'm not sure if I'm in the right place or not, so please feel free to yell at me.


My vehicle will not perform a CKP/CASE relearn.  I'm attempting to do this because my vehicle's timing has been a little on the weird side, and I have a friend who's a GM master technician who suggested that On my LAUNCH scanner, the thing "waits for data" and then eventually states that "Condition not met."  I understand that some folks have had issues with things like the parking brake, or the car thinking it's in gear when it isn't, but here's what I've done thus far:


1) Replaced ground straps to firewall 

2) Replaced ground straps to engine block

3) Beefed up the ground to the frame direct from the battery.


I've also performed a bunch of service on the vehicle - distributor is new, fuel and air filters, idle air controller, checked for vacuum leaks, re-timed it, new plugs and wires.  The only thing "funny" I'm seeing is that when I rev the engine in Park/Neutral I will eventually see speed on the speedometer.  It's my theory that the LAUNCH scanner is detecting speed on the vehicle and aborting the CKP relearn accordingly.  Assuming I don't get any info from here/just yelled at for posting in the wrong place because I'm a doofus, I was just going to replace the VSS, but am concerned that the issue isn't with the speed sensor itself, but rather with the wiring and/or shielding.


Apologies.  I've never worked on my own truck before, and this whole thing has been an adventure.  And I'm almost there; the P0300 is gone, vacuum leaks seem to be sealed, fuel trims are okay-ish for a 23-year-old vehicle.  And it went from plugs and wires to all sorts of other things because, as I've come to learn: P0300 Simply Means Your Car Sucks And No More Information For You, Sir.  And that's gone.  No codes of any kind.


Any experiences similar to mine?  Should I just leave it alone, even though my CMP ****** is like 9 degrees even with the distrib cap twisted as far as it'll go?  Only issue I have with it is the idle's a touch rough, but it worries me that the thing won't perform a relearn.


Thanks in advance and/or I live in California so please make sure any tomatoes you throw at me are organic.

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For someone who said they never worked on their own truck you said a bunch of tech lingo way over my head!


Isnt your 5.7 a vortec?? As far as I know you cant adjust timing on those 1996-2000 obd2 engines.


You might not be able to do a crank relearn with your scanner.  You can however troubleshoot the crank position sensor and make sure its got the right voltage with a voltmeter.


P0300 is a cylinder misfire code I think.  Double check you replaced the distributor correctly and put the plugs in the right spots.  

"On SFI V8 engines the timing cannot be adjusted; however, if the distributor has been removed, it may need to be turned slightly in order to prevent cross-fire (cross-fire occurs when the ignition fires while the rotor is between two terminals on the distributor cap). A scan tool is necessary to test for cross-fire, so this operation must be performed by a dealer or qualified repair shop. "

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The P0300 is gone.  No codes, none pending.  


And you can adjust the timing on those by twisting the distributor cap so you're between +2 and -2.  Clockwise lowers the CMP, counter raises it, but you've really only got 15 degrees of play.  I'm not really willing to move the distributor a tooth to compensate because:


1) Said GM Technician friend suggested I do the CMP/CASE relearn before doing so,

2) I am damned sure I timed the engine correctly because I did it like 42 times because I got a bad distributor and,

3) Because of #2, I am not touching the distributor hold-down bolt until I have performed a CKP relearn, or the person who designed said distributor bolt is dragged through the streets and I get to hand out steak knives to anyone who's ever owned an L31 engine, because I haven't seen that many red knuckles since the last Sonic the Hedgehog game.


Right now the weird CMP ****** (And thank you for censoring that), a mildly rough idle, and inability to perform the CKP Relearn are my only issues.  The scanner purports to be able to perform the relearn, but is unwilling to do it and I'm thinking that the speedometer at revving issue is associated.


Other than that, the truck runs better than it ever has, and, frankly, at 43, I'm glad this old dog was able to pick up a trick or two.  Quirks aside, I gave myself a pat on the back for this one.  Which I am not accustomed to doing.

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I had problems indexing the distributor in my 98 when I had the engine rebuilt, I had a dealer tech try to set it with the tech II  and we believe it was the cam gear causing it but we finally got it although the dist is turned to its limit. I think you need a better scanner before you fire the parts cannon. The dist not indexed correctly did throw a code

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21 minutes ago, richard wysong said:

Try using a distributor wrench. The bolt doesn't have to be removed to remove the distributor just loosened enuff to slide the fork clamp back


I may or may not have pretzeled one of those things, and do not want to talk about it, due to the terms of my parole.  Crowfeet?  Crowfoots?  Sideways-wrench-thingies worked OK.


And in this case, I did have to remove the entire bolt because said bad distributor came with another hold down bracket.  I have scheduled a psychiatric intake for next Wednesday.


And yeah, I don't want to fire the parts cannon because the problem may be in the wiring shielding, at which point I'm down $17 and have to explain why I look like Daffy Duck after he stuck his fingers in Elmer Fudd's shotgun again.


The distributor is now not throwing a code, but I still can't perform the Crankshaft relearn.  I've heard aftermarket radios might have something to do with it, I've heard that poor grounding to the transmission sensor can make it fail, but that's about all the info I have.  

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