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2.7 H.O. mpg report, week long work trip into the bush, 1178 miles (1896 kms).

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22 custom refresh crew cab shorty 4x4 with the 4banger and 3.42 axles. 4" lift, skinny 33's, no chin spoiler, 500 lbs of fuel and gear, 200 lb driver, 87 octane fuel only.


1178 total miles (1896 km), 746 miles (1200 km) on blacktop plus 435 miles (700 km) on radio controlled forestry roads. The overall trip average was 19.3 mpg (12.2 l/100km), 1178 miles (1896 km) including the idling time with a/c on for some Teams meetings on site.


The 435 miles of Forestry road speeds ranged from 20-40 mph (30-60 kmh), rained a few times turning them into loon sh1t. Slow, lots of corners, lots of hills and single lane bridges across the creeks.


The puter is accurate to actual hand calculations at this point, it has been within 0.1 of actual every time, it's been bang on as much as it's been 0.1 high, only once so far did it read a tank 0.1 optimistically. It's accurate enough that I will no longer hand calculate, I know all I need to know about this truck after 5000 miles and various tests.


The 746 miles (1200 km) of black top was at 70 mph (112 kmh) ~1600 rpm(3.42 axles) except one stint of 82 miles (132 km) at 77 mph (124 kmh). That short stint the computer showed 18.5 mpg (12.7 l/100km) as it was the first stint after leaving the house, by the time I got to the forestry roads that had come down to the same number that the trip ended up at...19.3 mpg or 12.2 l/100km.


The entire trip included several hours of idling the truck on site with a/c running while I joined Teams meetings.


On the way home I kept the entire blacktop stint at 70 mph (112 kmh) and it was 19.8 mpg (11.9 l/100km), this leg I hand calculated for complete accuracy. The highway rating for this truck off the lot is 19.6 mpg (12.0 l/100km).


So I'm well pleased with this considering I'm lifted (a little higher than a trail boss), no chin spoiler, and carrying quite a bit of weight...at 70 mph I can exceed the off the lot rating by 0.1. Maybe something to be said for skinny tires here? 😉


Aside from that; my city mileage is right with factory ratings as well, I can beat it if I behave but tend to have a heavy foot so I'm usually a few tenths over but I did 597 miles (960 kms) reasonably behaved to see and it was 17.75 mpg (13.25 l/100km) and rated for 16.9 mpg (13.9 l/100km). So there are no surprises with this truck, if anything pleasant surprises when it comes to economy. This truck has excellent passing power, the speed limiter comes quick, super relaxed, rarely needs to downshift on hills, they have to be pretty steep to drop a gear from 8th at 1600 rpm at 70 mph down to 7th which adds 500 rpm to just over 2000. That pulled most of the big hills. For info sake...6th will add another 500 rpm so just over 2500 and then 5th takes you to the torque peak at 3000 rpm...only saw that when towing the trailer up steeper hills on previous trips. I live at 4000' and most of this trip was within a few hundred feet of that.


Lastly, I will not ride behind someone going slower than what my cruise is at, so there's a number of passes in here on the blacktop stints, I flexed likely 10 times each way as a high percentage of the blacktop was single lane. As soon as I came up on a slower guy, first opening I would pass.







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