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Started acting up two days ago.  It died on me for the first time.


I instantly thought fuel pump because it started back up and then died.  Then I pounded on the gas tank and it ran for a few minutes.


I put a new fuel pump in it that night and thought all was well.


Then yesterday it died again on me, but started back up.


Today it died on me twice within a minute and I didnt make it 1 mile from the garage.


I have changed the fuel pump, and swapped the fuel pump relay with another.  Beyond this IDK where to start.


I have a snapon scan tool and its logging right now hoping to catch something if it dies again.  Thing is it seems completely random, not related to hot or cold.


What can I check?



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This morning it died on me again at 60mph on rhe highway.  It bucked once and then just died.  I slipped it into neutral and had it restarted before I slowed down to even 50mph.


It's like someone shuts the key off, just bam...dead.


I did notice the other day when it died sitting still that the fuel pump came back on like 1 second after it died.  This is what led me to think field pump relay.  Now I'm no sure though.


What parameters should I monitor while driving?  If you loose a crank sensor would the truck die, or just run like crap?


I'm stuck here...



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When the crank sensor was going on my 98 it would shut down momentarily on the highway and did throw a code for it. Upon removal you could see where it had been rubbing the crank, the new sensor came with a shim to fix that. Before that I had to have it towed in to the shop as it just died on me 1 day, After 2 days of diagnosing I found the wire to the crank sensor had grounded out on the exhaust manifold, no codes

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