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9.76" with OE Lockers?

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I have a 2020 Silverado HC 1500 with the 6.2L and, I think it has the 9.76 rear end.  I am considering, at least, adding a rear locker.  I'd like to use a factory option locker, has anyone done this and have some insight into the process?

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The ZR2 is the only truck with an electronic locker front and rear. So far nobody has been able to figure out if it is possible to retrofit into other trucks.

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On 9/3/2022 at 6:15 PM, GETGONE said:

Not truly a locker. It's a mechanical limited slip. It doesn't work above 35mph.

it's a locker, just needs ~100 rpm difference in wheel speed between the wheels and it locks in, disengages on it's own also...likely when the wheels stop and unloaded it pops out?, I forget the parameters when it will disengage, it operates automatically, I'd definitely look at a manual e-locker(zr2) or the true-trac limited slip as preference to the g80 (all of them are eaton), but you at least have a locker that will likely only engage when you actually need it so it's not a terrible option, I would take the g80 over any of the conventional clutch pack type mechanical slip differentials, the only one of those worth having is the true-trac(no clutch plates to service all the time), a lunchbox locker would also be something I'd consider so if anyone knows what will fit these trucks any info appreciated

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On 2022 1500 WT and Custom the G80 rear locker is an available option

On all other 2022 1500 LTD Silverado trims the G80 is standard. 

Refreshed 2022 ZR2 gets the front and rear E-lockers, other trims above WT and Custom get the G80.


Similar with the Sierra 

AT4X gets the G93 and G94

Pro trims have available G80

All other trims G80 rear is standard



9.76" appears to be on NHT only

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On 9/3/2022 at 7:15 PM, GETGONE said:

Not truly a locker. It's a mechanical limited slip. It doesn't work above 35mph.

Incorrect, it is a true locker.  It works just fine above 35 MPH, hell I've been locked at 70MPH, it just has to initially engage below 35 mph.  If you lock it up at 5 mph then it will stay locked, regardless of your speed, until you do a significant turn maneuver which releases the armature.  When it locks, it is a 100 % locked, mechanical engagement and it will not slip.  I'm not sure where you got your information from, but it isn't accurate.

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