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New truck 2022 sierra 1500 x31 ele diesel, towing and suspension question

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Hi so I recently picked up the new body 1500 elevation x31 diesel.


I love this thing already but had some questions about towing and making changes to suspension. I will be pulling a 30' travel trailer with it 5-10 times a year, tongue weight around 710lbs and trailers around 6180lbs. Truck handles it fine going and stopping but I hate the pogo feeling in the truck. This is the largest and heaviest tow I would be doing, I have a small deck trailer for farm equipment but that would never exceed 5k or so lbs.


I was thinking of changing the shocks to get a better ride and more planted feeling. I don't really off-road but I have had to go down a fsr road and it was washboard for a good 40km truck did "ok" but could be comfier and stable even at 25-30km/h.


I was going to be doing a 2.5" level up front for some clearance and wanting to get a slightly larger tire , and am at a crossroads between shocks. what I am thinking of doing is Bilstein 5160 resi shocks out back with a 1" eibach block to keep a slight take (can do 1.5" or so aswell based on input here) And either do the 5100's up front or 6112 if they ever come in stock.


, I have looked into Bilstein, fox, and eibach shocks. I want a comfortable ride obviously but do need it to be more planted and ready to go for towing and light fsr driving. 


Looking for input from owners who tow steady and do some light "offroading" I suppose. 


I live in BC for reference, truck will be towing over the Coquihalla in the summers with the RV.







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Air up your stock rear tires when towing to 45-50 psi and get a good weight distribution hitch for your travel trailer. This changes will make a big difference in that "pogo" feeling you describe. The stock tires only have a 6-ply sidewall, so they will flex more that a D or E rated tire, which you could always upgrade to. The higher psi helps eliminate some of that squishy feeling. The WDH will help take some tongue weight and move it to the front of the truck to balance things better, and also help reduce sway.


I recently downsized from a large 5th wheel and 2500 to now going back to a travel trailer and a 1500. It takes a few tweaks to my setup after the first couple trips to get it driving and riding better. 


Much depends on how often you will tow and how far when you do.

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Take the front lift down from 2.5", that is really pushing it and will make it tow worse. For sure add the block as you want rake for as much as you tow. I would stay under 2" in the front along with a rear block to keep it towing well.


As far as shocks controlling when weighed down, that is a tall order. Most anything that will control heavier towing will ride worse day to day and be so off road on FSR roads. GM (and all manufacturers) do a ton of testing to try and get a good middle of the road compromise on everything from daily driving to towing and off roading as well as handling, you start swinging the needle one way other areas will get worse. 


I have to experience with Eibachs but has heard good things and will look at them, but currently I have Bilstein and am pretty happy with them. 


Check out more tow specific forums for some insight on what shocks they use and how much they really help. I bet more will say to use some type of helper set up like air bags, helper springs or some type of jounce bumper I think they are. I do know adjusting the weight distributing hitch properly helps or if you aren't using one then get one. 


LT tires also help in this, especially when aired up properly (which if you have standard load tires make sure they are aired up properly too). 


You could try some shocks that have adjustable tuning like the Rancho RS 9000, you can tune them for ride to towing and off roading. I know Ranchos have a stigma around here (though they shoudn't) but these are a much higher end shock that are reviewed well on towing forums. 


Either way good luck. 



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I have a Z71, which is the same suspension as your X31, and I completely understand what you are talking about while towing.  The pogo effect, or pontooning, was annoying as heck when towing and the suspension felt like it couldn't keep up with the roadway when going over corrugations and bumpy roads.  As a result, I went with the Eibach Pro Truck 2" lift which came with front shocks and springs, and rear shocks. 


I tow quite a bit with my truck and the difference in handling between the stock suspension and the Eibach suspension is drastic!  No more nose dive when braking, and no more swaying in the turns.  The shocks are incredibly more capable and the truck feels much more "planted" in nearly all conditions.   Stock Ranchos are a comfortable shock for long drives where you want it to feel comfortable like a SUV, but they quickly fall short when you try to use the truck close to its potential.  Even if you go with a Bilstein or some other brand shock, I would highly urge you to get the Eibach front springs as they add a level of control to the front end that cant be had with the stock springs.  Also, Eibach manufactures the springs for almost every top of the line, performance based suspension brand out there for our trucks, their springs are that good.

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First thing is a quality Load distributing hitch setup that will put the weight across all of your axles, then I would add the Roadmaster active suspension set up and crank it up to the 40% feeler gauge.

Drive it and see what you think, then of you need something more I would add a nice set of Bilstein 5100's to the rear and see how you like it.

YES run the tires at their highest pressure when towing if they are you stock ones as I predict they are rated for under 3000#s.

The front shocks I run are Bilstein 5160 coilovers.

I tow a 24' car enclosed car hauler between Lake Havasu and Spokane up through Utah and Montana regularly and this setup is very sweet.

No bucking bronco or pogo blah blah.

First run was all stock no good hitch even, a lot of sag and a light front end but plenty of power with my 6.2.........lol



Look at this guys channel he has a Bilstein install as well as a Timbren suspension upgrade

Pretty funny as well.

These things REALLY work amazingly

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