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Front axle to front diff help

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Completely new to the GM forums but I'm down to my last straw with servicing the family vehicles so i figured I'd give this a try. So I have a 2004 2500 hd sierra 6.0 4wd gas engine and as i was inspecting my next project under the tires i noticed that my front left cv axle (driver side) had a half inch or so gap where it connects to the front diff. and I'm curious as to whether or not this is normal or if it is supposed to seat all the way to the front diff. I can say this, that the visible gap that i encountered looked like the axle was very clean where it was seperated leading me to believe that it may have slide out of place exposing the clean half inch gap that i visibly observed. To me (an untrained and unexperienced diy mechanic), it doesnt seem correct and instantly threw red flags for me, enough to jump on here for help so hopefully someone can chime in with more knowledge than me and possibly provide assistance. Much appreciated 

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I have replaced / removed-installed many front CV-shafts on Silverado trucks. 2006 gas, 2007.5 Duramax. The base of the cv shaft always has fit flush against the diff. Now te front drivers side has a little stub shaft between the cv and the diff. however, both left and right sides are interchangeable. 

I did a 7" BDS Lift on a 2006 1500 and even with the increased "Z" reading, and a plastic spacer, the CV fit flush to the diff. 

Question, how is the cv "centered", does it "wobble" as not 100 % parallel on the centerline.

There is no Circ-Clip on the cv shaft and it just slids into the diff splines.

Are left and right the same.

I suggest remove CV shaft and compare measurements against a new shaft. 

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The driver's side axle (that the cv shaft bolts to) definitely does (or at least should have) a retaining clip inside the diff.


If it's sticking out that 1/2" or so, then I would guess whoever previously worked that, to say, replace the axle seal or bearing, didn't fully reinstall the axle.


It's also possible the stub axle or retaining clip has failed in some way, allowing the axle to come out a bit.


I would remove the cv shaft, and try pushing the axle in (lifting that corner of the truck so gear oil doesn't run out).


If it just slides in all the way easily, and can also be pulled out again, then look at the end of the stub axle for the groove the clip would go into.  If that looks ok, then the clip probably has failed.


But, it should take a good blow to get the axle in all the way, as you have to force the axle to expand the c-clip to on over the axle, then it slides in relatively easily the rest of the say.  Once fully inserted, the c-clip should be in that groove, and you should not be able to pull the axle out again by hand.

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