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Baja Design Fog Light Kit - Anyone have it?

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Hey all... I just purchased a 2022 Silverado 2500 Custom. My truck didn't come with fog lights. In my past vehicles (2016 4Runner and 2016 GMC Sierra 2500) I was able to buy Rigid Industries fog light adapters to run their 2in SAE fog lights. Unfortunately, Rigid doesn't make a kit for our trucks (yet). So I am stuck on only Baja Designs. They have a nice kit and was wondering if anyone here has installed a set of these? I really want some first-hand experience with this kit before I drop $500 on it.



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Please do! I ordered the Baja Designs setup. Should be here December. I'll post reviews as well. I have a Custom that didn't come with fogs, so I wont have a comparison shot vs factory.

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Hey guys. Sorry about the delay.. life got busier. I was successful in taking a video before and after, even a video with one of the DD lights installed. Should have reviewed the videos before assuming they were good. They all ended up being terrible. I know this is hugely disappointing. If Elite130 doesn't beat me to it I will do a video next weekend, though I've missed the opportunity to compare before and after. 

I have attached what little I have on my phone.. a picture, and a lame video. Both are ONLY the drivers side fog light installed, unadjusted for proper height.  (sorry guys just realized I cannot attach a video)

If I had to summarize my impression, in short: The fogs are 2x my lowbeams (in addition to the lows) and well worth the money.

I'm considering adding the 'always on' module/relay to run these while highbeams are on too. I've never seen foglights this impressive. 

DD SAE Max fog. ONELIGHT.pic.jpg

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Finally took the truck for a good drive. First time really driving it beyond just outside the driveway in a couple months. 

Love these lights I would highly recommend to anyone considering. I do find there is a bit of a dark spot directly in the center (directly in front) of my truck. So i'd rank these 99/100. Attached are a couple pics comparing on/off fogs. 







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Very helpful, looks great. I am also looking at the Diode Dynamics SS3 but was wondering if anyone has any thoughts/experience with the Pro vs Max options. Also wondering about using the Amber option. We live in a mountain valley, lots of snow and deer. I don't see great at night to begin with and am hoping to add a light bar behind to grille and tapping one of my upfitter switches. The SS3 Max look awesome but definitely a price jump.

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Hey Fellas, 

Yeah these are the SS3 max. I will say the pics dont do it justice. CND dollars, this kit cost about $750. That's a lot of money to put on a truck that's already 90k (you'd think they'd have decent factory fogs).. 

From the moment I turned them on I said YEP, Money well spent!  

The aiming of them is easy. They simply pivot on a bolt with a lock nut to set. It's a pain to get at on my vehicle so I left them like 90% tight- enough that they won't move freely but I can adjust them from the front forcefully. So that's my pro tip on aiming your lights lol. 

I cannot speak to the light output on the Pros, but these are fantastic!!

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  • 1 month later...

I replaced my factory fogs with the amber SS3 MAX kit from Diode Dynamics and am very happy with them.  They put out a lot of light.  Comparable to the factory low beam lights.  They have a very sharp cutoff so they do not blind oncoming vehicles nor do they create a harsh reflection off road signs like off road lights do. 

In the past I have installed quite a few Baja Designs Squadron pro's, sports, as well as the S1.  I am a huge fan of those and actually will be installing some as off road lights on my current truck at some point.  For fog light application however I think DD makes a better product.  The bezels and mounts they provide are very oem in appearance which I really like.  Quality is top notch.  The built in deutsch connector is a really nice feature.

One thing to note about color is that the "whiter" the light is the harsher it is on the eyes.  The amber is very easy on the eyes.  

Baja Designs uses a 5000k light when choosing white which is about perfect, but when it bounces back off of a highly reflective surface it is a bit harsh.  For me, I would prefer 4000k for white, but no one offers that.  In Diode Dynamics case, if choosing white they offer a 6000k which I could only imagine would be harsher.  Aside from harshness I personally do not like anything above 5000k in something like a headlight.  

That being said, if you want the lights to truly perform in fog and/or dusty conditions amber is the only choice.  

Note, the photographs in the instructions that DD includes must be from a 1500 truck.  On my HD the front frame to bumper attachment area is different than the photos show and one of the 3 fasteners on the factory fogs is a huge pain to remove because there is very little access to rotate the fastener.  Once the factory fogs are removed the DD SS3's install very easily as they are not as bulky.

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