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Retrofitted heated seat install

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On 12/5/2022 at 12:14 PM, kevin74 said:

Still waiting. Bought a 2022 LTZ back in September (found one in transit to dealer and bought it before it arrived). Picked it up the 8th of September, still waiting for the heated/cooled front seat bottoms and the parking assist. 

Seats are "ventilated", no doubt a godsend for those suffering from excessive flatulence and something to watch out for when  buying a used vehicle.



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11 minutes ago, It's Tim said:

Seats are "ventilated", no doubt a godsend for those suffering from excessive flatulence and something to watch out for when  buying a used vehicle.

🤣 LOL, I never thought of that - although my last 2500 was a High Country and had the ventilated (cool on my ass) seats and there was a funny smell in the cab for about a year after I bought it (used). I plan on keeping my current 2500 for the long haul, but I'll try to lay off the chili just in case 🤣

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17 hours ago, Pryme said:

What was your need for the truck for such a short period of time? 

See if we could move the fleet away from Diesel.  We can't due to the type of loads & the mountainous terrain we drive in.  But we have figured out a work around that will make our lives better all around. 

So my vehicle no longer needs to be a full size truck.  That really opens up the opportunities. 

Just need to make sure if the next vehicle has heated and ventilated seats, we hire a good "seat sniffer".:cheers:

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6 hours ago, kylant said:

why would you need a new screen?
mine have buttons on the center stack and there is an icon on the screen. the icon is surly in the software



The faceplate.  That radio faceplate that the screen, HVAC controls, etc. attach to is why.  GM doesn't sell just the faceplate.  They only sell the radio screen/faceplate assembly and only through GM approved Electronic Service Centers and not GM directly. 


All HD and some 1500s that are missing heated seats were built with non heated seat radio faceplates and don't have the holes present for the seat control switches.  


See below:




s-l1600 (1).jpg

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On 12/5/2022 at 9:09 PM, ShotgunZ71 said:

How long did it take from the time the dealer was able the parts to when they arrived and could be installed?

I ask that because of the reports of modules/chips ordered, but no or slow shipment. Hopefully people aren't getting led along to get their hopes up.

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I was at the local GMC dealer and talked to the Service Manager.  He said GM was trying to get this completed by the end of this year.  Then said "...but don't get your hopes up."

Had a bit of a laugh with him. 

He is convinced they are trying hard to get this done.  He's been around plenty long enough to separate the chaff from the wheat. 

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Seems my dealer had no intention of contacting me for my "Seat Module"


I called them today and they said if I got a email from GM, they said the part must be available, and they will order it,  and in about 2 weeks they will schedule me a 2 hour appointment for the module install in each seat ...


Kinda lame the way they handled it


I could have been waiting forever +-

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