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Adding 12v/usb power to rear of console

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I've owned my 22' Custom for a little over a year now and have constantly had to listen to complaints from my kids over not having any power in the backseat for them to charge any of their electronics.  I've been searching on here for quite some time for a how to add power, but never came up with anything.  This weekend I took matters into my own hands and made it happen.  I found a adapter plug w/ wire pigtail that plugs into the oem 12v outlet in the dash, and a set of aftermarket usb and 12v plugs.


Started out by removing the lower dash trim panel.  1 7mm bolt on drivers side and 4 metal clips hold it on, and pulls off.


There is a 2nd trim panel that pulls straight out that is held on by I think 6 metal clips.


This step can be done 1 of 2 ways; 1st is remove the 12v plug from the dash, which I was unable to get it to release.  2nd way (way I went) was to completely remove the radio/thermostat control panel to gain access.  Used a non-marring trim tool and popped the silver trim piece off and then removed 6 torx screws to pull the panel off.


Once panel was removed I simply unplugged the factory 12v harness plug, and plugged in the adapter with new 12v power lead wires.


I then ran a red and white wire from the dash, under the carpet in the center hump, back to the jump seat.  Once I had the wire back to the jumpseat, I moved to the backseat area and popped the back panel of jumpseat off.  This is done by using trim tool to pop the side panels off first, then the center panel pops off as well.


With the panel removed, I fished my wires up through the jumpseat and out the back and added my quick connects to the ends.


I then marked the holes to cut out for my 2 new plugs on the center panel and cut both holes out.  The 2 plugs where then installed.


I plugged the new usb and 12v plugs in to make sure they worked before buttoning everything back up.  Once confirmed, All trim panels were put back in place and good to go.


Please excuse the dirty truck, haven't attempted to clean it with it being cold.  

12v plug.jpg


lowr panel.jpg

mid panel.jpg

plug wire.jpg

wire carpet run.jpg

console panel removed.jpg

hole mock up.jpg

plugs installed.jpg

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install only took about an hour.  Hardest part was fishing the wires under the carpet.  My wire tool kept hitting the ductwork and binding up.  Our long road trips will be much more pleasant now without the kids constantly wanting stuff plugged in up front.  We got to the point where we were running an extension cord from the front 120v outlet up front, to the back so they could plug in (yes janky I know, but it worked).  Now they can simply plug in themselves in the back.  This is one install I'm glad I was able to get completed.  Such a simple, yet missed accessory missed on the Custom model.

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That is awesome! Thank you for posting this how-to. I've been wanting to put USB outlets and an aux port on the back of my front-bench seat console, but have trying to figure out where to pull power from. This is it! Do you have a part number for the Wolf adapter? I do not see it on the packaging and 


Thank you so much for posting this. I'm going to order the adapter as soon as I can find the right part number.


Is this it? https://www.amazon.com/Compatible-2000-2021-Cadillac-Detectors-Cigarette/dp/B08W3581MK

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yes that is it Matt.  I actually ordered it off Ebay, but yes same one.  The USB/12V ports came from Amazon.  I kept looking for something that was flush mount and looked closer to oem, but didn't find anything.  The ones I got actually had a plate they supposed to be inserted into, and then screwed into place.  I elected to ditch the plate and flush mount the 2 ports directly into my console for a cleaner install.  


Also, up until this weekend my front 12v plug was always on from factory which didn't bother me as only thing ever plugged in to it was a phone charger.  While completing this install I figured I'd better change it over to switched power in case my kids left something plugged in in the back seat and ended up with a dead battery.  I'm sure about everyone on this site has seen how to do that, but in case you haven't, it's as simple as removing the fuse panel cover on passenger side of dash and moving 50 amp fuse over 1 spot.

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