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(Update lift problem)Dealer installed 2” lift question

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I have a 2022 Silverado 1500 four-wheel-drive. The dealer ordered the 2 inch lift kit they offer and I’m waiting for it to come in and have it installed. But I noticed that the kit doesn’t come with upper control arms. Is that going to be a problem?


(***UPDATE*** )

so I had the factory lift gm offers installed. When I picked it up, it looked great but as soon as I went to drive it off the lot. I could tell something was wrong it felt completely different. I figured it was just a break in period. But even after a day or two, I was getting crazy bad vibration at low speeds. Took it back. They ended up putting one of the U-bolts on wrong (I have pictures if wanted) they fix that and told me the vibration was gone. I get my keys go to drive away vibrations right back. I turn right back around. this time they have a mechanic ride with me. He clearly hears  an feels a vibration, says somethings wrong so we turned around and he takes it back in. Three hours later they bring my truck back they had to remove the back blocks said there was no taper to them and it was messing up drive line. I got it back and the vibration is still there. (Now annoyed that only the front is lifted and still vibrating). I have them take the whole lift kit off. Put it back to stock. (Now remind you my truck has been down and I’m missing work for 5 days at this point) And after that Whole ordeal, I was done with the truck since I couldn’t have it how I wanted it and decided to trade it in and they made me a good deal on a 2023 5.3 LT.z71


I know many have gotten this lift installed said it worked out for some reason it did not for me. I’m much happier with the new truck. 

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No.  The non lifted and Trail Boss use the same arms.  CV axles change though.  


If you decide to level after having that installed, then yes you will definitely need new UCAs.  

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What NewDude said.  If you decide to add spacers, or increase your ride height above the 2" lift from GM, it is highly recommended to upgrade UCA's, regardless of the type of lift.

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Good question, after getting that package installed on mine. I was never able to set camber good enough at the alignment shop. 
Ended up wearing down the outside of the tires. 

I recently went to to the four inch bds lift kit with upper control arms and all is good now!

This is on my 2020 Silverado 1500 gas trailboss 5.3. 

Good luck..

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On 12/23/2021 at 11:57 AM, Kdarty said:

I had it added to my 2020 GMC Sierra along with a leveling kit. It added 4” in the front and 2” in the back. Looks good, rides great, no warranty issues and I got it on a 25%.off sale through GMC accessories then used reward points. $900 including installation. Would I do it again. ABSOLUTELY 

thank you

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  • Tattoo magic changed the title to (Update lift problem)Dealer installed 2” lift question

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