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Unknown Driver after carpets cleaned. GMT800 Suburban. Cranks and fires but won't run. No radio, dome lights or power windows.

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Was cleaning the carpets in 2003 suburban Z71. All seemed fine until I tried to start the truck. I get unknown driver, no gauges, no radio, no power windows. Tried disconnecting battery and checked all fuses under hood and driver side fuse panel. All are good. Pulled up all the door sill plastic and vacuumed up water that was sitting in there where wires are running. After this it now starts and runs but all sorts of electrical gremlins. I went over the carpet again but it is still damp. 


Where are the ECM, BCM, ABS, Airbag, Driver / seat and any other computer modules located? I thought most were up under the passenger dash.

For now I unhooked battery and opened all doors to let it dry out.

When it did start, It displayed "Driver 2" Everything worked for a few minutes then gauges died and so did windows, radio, dome lights, etc.

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Fixed! Moral of story, careful on how much water you use cleaning suburban Yukon Tahoe carpet. Remove door sill covers and vacuum up water that collects there. Raised front of vehicle to help water drain to rear and door sill channels. Leave battery disconnected until it dries out. 

After raising front of truck on jack stands maxed out and rear still on ground I removed all the door sill plates and vacuumed up water as most of the water collected in the door sills that had alot of wires in the door sill channels. Also saw some water dripping from underneath after raising front end. Letting it sit like this for 2 hours with doors open and battery disconnected, I hooked battery back up and it started up, said driver 1 on DIC. Radio , windows, dome lights, all gauges work again. Cleared a lot of codes. They haven’t come back except the prior 3 I’ve always had. 


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I think the moral of the story is to remove the carpet when cleaning, this seems like a lot of effort but who wants codes? I hung my carpet over the fence to dry for 3 days, prolly longer than necessary but I had no problems....

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I worked off road all my working life. I never used water inside my vehicles. Car washes have great vacuums and there’s plenty of foam carpet cleaners with brushes that come with. I used to go to a carpet store and buy carpet samples to put over my mats even. In extreme cases I’d have a pair of shoes to switch with. I just spent time cleaning the carpet and seats from a seven year old Odyssey that survived three kids. No water needed. Using water inside that’s news to me.

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Picked up this suburban cheap from a friend. He didn't care much about the interior and there were a lot of stains on the carpet. I was able to get some of them out with water and shampoo but the red fruit punch spill remains. 

I agree that taking the carpet out for deep cleaning is the best method. I've shampooed other vehicles without issue but apparently the suburban has some modules under the carpet or some chaffed wires that got wet.

I've left it in the sun with doors open and carpet is almost completely dry, still a bit damp in a few spots.

Drove it around town yesterday and no issues.

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After retiring I started making routine visits to my in-laws in Fayetteville and Myrtle Beach where he had a condo. The condo was a registered vacation rental. I later bought one a did the same. His condo had white carpet. You can imagine the abuse that these rentals see. Through trial and error he found the ultimate carpet cleaner called Captor. It’s a dry cleaner with a spot spray and a brush. I’ve seen it work miracles. My carpet in my house is 30 years old. It was first on my list to change when retired. It now looks brand new. You sprinkle it work it in with the brush and vacuum later. I used it in my vehicles too. 

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Posted (edited)

The directions say to use their pre-mist spray for tough stains...

Pre-mist spray

Capture Powder 4lb

Edited by 2018GMC
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