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Does anybody know the correct part number for 2024 Chev/GMC accessory camera for either camera view inside of trailer or rear view camera mounted on rear of trailer. I’m looking for the hard wired version, not wireless cameras. 
I purchased GM camera kit # 85587357 from my dealer and connected the camera to my truck and get nothing more than a dark screen. The display recognizes the camera is connected to the port as the icon lights up and allows me to switch to that view, but dark screen is all I get.  I have tried this on both the rear view port and inside trailer view with the same results. GM trouble shooting guide suggests an open (broken) coaxial cable but it is new and I don’t want to open camera housing to ohm the cable. Tamper “proof” screws on housing. 
my dealer has tried helping but no video yet.  
suggestions or part number would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks in advance 

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I ordered the same 2023 trailer cameras for my 2024, and as I also found, they don't work.  I opened mine up though, and found the camera module itself is GM part #84676845, which is a typical camera for the grille, tailgate, mirrors, etc for many vehicles up to and including 2023.  Since this 2023 trailer camera assembly is the same as the 2024 version, I would suspect we only need to find a 2024 camera module to swap out.  Does anyone have a part number for a 2024 camera module?

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I decided to dig into this, as I can't return the 2023 camera kits that I ordered.  Should've had them check the VIN for fitment, lesson learned.


On my 2024 Denali Ultimate, I pulled the tailgate camera module and connected it to the cable harness from the invisible trailer camera kit and it worked...suggesting the new trucks have a different camera control unit and the power / signal filtering is different between the two which is why the old camera doesn't work.  So there is a good chance any camera from the truck can be used to swap for the 2023 camera module in the invisible camera kit.  I'm going to order 2 of the tailgate cameras to test.


I'm fairly confident any of the morphing/de-morphing is done via code and not physically via the lens.  Although the camera image looked as to be expected, the lenses look to be different between the 2023 camera and all 2024 cameras on the truck.  The actual CCD inside the cameras are different sizes, so that could be why the lenses look different.


2023 Invisible camera kit module part number 84676845

2024 Front grille camera part number 85622814

2024 Rear tailgate camera part number 85573256

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On 6/21/2023 at 12:10 PM, Steve B Kentucky said:

Trailer camera for Model Year 2024 is GM Part # 85118298. Available here for the best deal from what I've found. Just ordered mine today. 


2024 Silverado 2500 | Trailer Camera | Transparent View | Requires TRG Camera Provisions | 85118298 (shopchevyparts.com)

Hey Steve hope this camera worked for you, I just took delivery on my truck a couple days ago and somehow the camera didnt get ordered at the same time so I need to get one. I see they have a wireless camera available also and was wondering why you didnt get that camera. Do you know if they arent as good as the solid wired cameras?



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