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2024 Chevy 2500HD trailer cameras

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I just bought a 2024 2500HD Crew Cab standard bed for towing several trailers. On my enclosed trailer, I want to put a camera on the back that is compatible with the Transparent View and an another camera in the trailer so I can check that the contents aren't shifting. My guess is that I have to use the GM camera (about $500) to make the Transparent View work, but I can use a less expensive camera for the inside of the trailer. I'm thinking of using this Boyo VTB301HD camera from Crutchfield (several other vendors offer it). 


Does anyone have any experience with these on a 2024, which has a larger screen and some differences from earlier trucks? Other cameras to consider?


This my first post and I appreciate your kindness if I'm asking dumb questions. I did some searching on the forum and couldn't find a good answer.


Thanks in advance!

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I have a cargo trailer that I installed a GM transparent view camera on a few months ago.


Someone on this forum mentioned another GM camera that could work for the inside view.


I ordered it from eBay and it works fine.


I just sold my 2020 GMC 2500 2 days ago and bought a 2024 GMC 3500.  I haven’t hooked the trailer up to the new truck but I’m sure it will still work the same.


Camera was GM part # 84676845.


  I paid $99.95. It needed a cable with a Fakra connector which can be bought from Pasternak 


  I’m not sure if the camera you mentioned will work with the GM systems but let us know if it does.


Good Luck!

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Just to ask a question about this older topic, does this work with a camper? My camper is prewired and I bought a camera system with a monitor for it, but if it connected to the truck system that would be even better. If anyone could point me to more info, I’d appreciate it. I’ll search in the meantime. Thanks!

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2023 2500 High Country pulling a 2022 35' 5th wheel camper.  Camper prepped for camera; meaning, a hole cut in back of camper with plug over it- remove plug, tap marker light wires and installed an Amazon $140 Chinese cheapo camera that has worked perfectly for last 3 RV trips (8K miles).  We like the separate camera screen so we can glance at it any time to check ebikes on back or what's coming up behind us and keep truck screen for nav, radio and etc.    

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